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Feminize white males

House boy plus

Posted by Male4abuse on 2012-12-12 17:33:31

I am my Mistress Wife's house boy, washing scrubbing and cleaning. I also serve Her Black Bull with my mouth, throat and sissy $%!@($%!@). I am also Mistress' personal slave, assiting with Her baths, doing Her hair, nails, helping Her dress, orally cleaning Her Holy virgina and anus when Bull has filled them with His rich baby cream, I orally clean Her when she is on Her period and serve as Her full toilet drinking Her golden nectar and eating Her brown essence. I am kept naked except for collar, butt plug, and sometimes a cloth diaper that I must wet and mess in. I have been castrated, so my chastity is insured. I have 38C $%!@, thanks to Mistress' hormone treatments, during the day I must always be wearing make-up, including rouge on my pireced nipples, and my hair must be in a pony-tail so as to provide a handle for my head. On our last anniversary Mistress had me branded on my left thigh with the word. "SLAVE' and Her initals.

Am I happy as a sissy cuckold maid. YES!!!!!!!

BYW Bull wants to turn me out as a sissy hooker to turn tricks and make money for Mistress and Him.

Posted by malemaid7349 on 2016-10-23 14:32:19

I do hope your wife and her bull have succeeded in making you into $%!@ for their profit and pleasure

Posted by YgBtch on 2016-10-25 19:57:25

Yes, I have been turned out and MUST make at least 1 grand a night or I have to sleep in my outdoor kennel and do my business squatting like the bitch I am.

Do you ever have to relieve yourself outside? Like a dog?

Posted by malemaid7349 on 2018-06-10 10:16:59

How wonderful you could have been semi useless idle male but thanks to your mistress and her helpful bull you are a useful item of household equipment that can be used for housework and sexual duties and now this wonderful idea of your mistresses boy friend you can also be used to earn money for them as a $%!@. What could be better

Posted by ericasissy1 on 2020-01-29 04:40:26

Sounds Extremely Fun Wish I Could join you what a Fun life you have the Only thing I Don't like is the prostatution not because it's bad But because People Lock other people in Violent prisons for something that Should Never be Illegal for Adults Other Than that Wish I Could live a Similar life