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shoeplay (boys only)

love to do shoeplay in public

Posted by soxandboxersboy on 2009-07-10 18:31:17

i love to do shoeplay in school and other public places from dangling to having them half off to totally off, under my desk in school, under table in restaurants, at movies, in the car, even walkin around at the mall i will walk out of my shoes! i love to lose my shoes in public too. if u want to talk to me, email me at: soxandboxersboy@yahoo.com

Posted by testest on 2012-06-14 18:16:28

Steal it? Or not? What would you do? Comment.

seen at a public trainstation platform:


Posted by testest on 2015-01-31 12:34:55

Yes, me and my friends think so too, so we took the shoe of the guy at the platform sleeping & drunk at three o clock in the night...and left him like this :-) to be true, we didn't wait till he awakes. But took some photos at least before we left...Must be fun, to watch when he awakes.

Posted by testest on 2015-02-01 03:06:30

To be true, we took the shoe with us to the bar, we were going to, leaving him behind without his shoe. I never saw the guy awake..but we filmed the shoe stripping, so we got some Screenshots of that, if you like to see.

Posted by testest on 2015-02-01 19:32:03

Hi, are you at flickr? I made some photos now visible for everybody for some days,


Make some comments :-):

Sorry, but I dont want to get in trouble and had to upload only photos without face-shots ...I think we made the shoeplayer suffer, when he had to go home without his shoe :-)

I still have these outworn business shoe. Any idea what to do with it?