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Questioning Your Sexuality (guys only)

My fantasies

Posted by hartswar333 on 2008-03-10 17:18:01

I'm straight. None of my sexual encounters have ever involved a guy. But I fantasize about men almost every time I $%!@e. One of my fantasies involves a circle jerk initiation at a fraternity. They make us get off to gay porn and the last one to finish has to drink everyone else's semen. But the first one to finish is forced to suck off other guys one by one (that's me!). Finally, all the frat brothers get naked and take me one at a time--I've got a huge $%!@ in my a$$, one in my mouth, one in each hand, and everyone else $%!@es until they shoot all over me.

Lately, I've had fun thinking of an ex-girlfriend who would later ask me all sorts of advice for her newer relationships. Honestly, I think she would have openly slept around on me if we ever got married. So I have lots of fantasies about her dressing me as a girl, making me watch her having sex with other guys, taking me on a double date after which she and I come home with the two guys and pleasure them. I would get the guys nice and hard to have sex with us both and then clean her out after they finished.

Any other straight guys wanna share their fantasies?