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Speedos. How do they feel?

My Speedos

Posted by JoeR1234 on 2008-12-30 06:19:41

I love my speedo My sister loves them to and her friends like when i am wearing them around the house. They fit so tight and smooth and sexy. I also wear them when i go swimming. The girls just love to see me in them. I think that everyone should wear the speedo swimsuits when they go swimming and for underwear and around the house I am not afraid to go out side in my neighbor hood wearing them I always go for walks around the block or i go to the local store to pick things up with them on all the time. No one ever said anything they just look at me and smile I am most of the time in my speedo's and that is all i wear. I usually wear colorful ones not white i save the white ones for at home inside. My sisters girl friends like the white ones when i am wearing them.

Posted by Speedo Kid on 2013-06-13 08:50:10

I am 13 and the oldest of three brothers, i have worn speedos in place of underwear since i was about 4 or 5, my next oldest brother 10 he was about the same, but my youngest brother 6 he started very early as soon as he was mostly dry during the day. Dad also wears speedos all the time, so you could call us the speedo family?.

at home me and my brothers usuall go about the house in just speedos and a tshirt, dad does sometimes. in the summer i have ridden my bike around the streets in my speedos but only ever gone to the shop when we have been at the beach in them. i have the aussiebum nylon ones and so does my next youngest brother but the youngest he is still in speedos or arena. we have various colours but my favourite is the blue and white striped aussibum ones. i keep those for holidays. my daily pair are either green or blue.

i was at school camp last week, and there was another school there too. all boys was the only problem. at the beginning of the week some boys from the other school changed out of their speedos after swimming in the river, but all of the boys from our school did not. this changed by the end of the week as they wanted to be like us. at night this was the same all the boys from our school except 2 slept in speedos, others changed into Pyjamas. by the end of the week this also changed although there was still one boy who wore his pyjamas.

Posted by lemeatit on 2014-09-14 15:53:44

I wear a speedo when swimming on the swim team for my school and that is of course in the school colours so is a burgundy speedo with one inch sides. If I can't swim naked then I will only wear a speedo and have a few other ones mostly with 1/4" or string sides and in a range of colours from white to black, pink and yellow. I like the way the speedo moulds to my shape and some of them get a bit see through when wet especially as I cut the lining out of the front. I think guys who wear shorts or similar style trunks are scared of showing what they have, but I like people to look and even stare and undress me with their eyes. Of course if I could swim naked all the time I would.

Posted by adamjohn2 on 2015-07-22 14:52:15

I like speedos because they are versatile.

Posted by Charlton on 2015-10-31 04:41:24

I prefer to swim naked but speedos are nice and snug when i have to wear them. Charlton.