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Blindfolded at the Dentist

My experience

Posted by chloexo on 2016-11-13 05:51:40

I have a massive phobia of the dentist and the only way I can actually go through with even a simple routine examination, is if I am restrained and blindfolded.

I used to cry hysterically as a child and the dentist could never examine my teeth properly, so when I was about 15, the dentist asked my father if a blindfold would help me relax. Dad was desperate to try anything because I was a mess every time I got a card in the mail which read, "It's time for your next routine examination! :)"

The blindfold helped a little, but I was still interrupting the dentist by pushing his hands out the way every time I could sense him moving the instruments towards my mouth. For the next four years, I just kept being blindfolded. I was still terrified, but I still felt a tiny bit better. During this time, I'd never required any dental work. My teeth were perfect. To this day, I'm still not sure why I even had a fear.

When I became an adult, the dentist recommended we try restraints. He mentioned how it would make me just accept what is happening and that would somehow calm me. I was skeptical but keen to try anything at that point. My fear was embarrassing and I wanted to get over it. When I was 19, I bravely made my routine examination appointment knowing full well I was going to be restrained and would not be able to move the instruments from my mouth, and would have to accept what was happening. I made the appointment for a months time. The dentist was right. I felt so much more comfortable being completely bound to the chair during my examination. I wore a neck brace type thing that held my head still. It was connected to the chair. I also was strapped to the chair by leather straps. The straps were around my chest, arms, wrists, waist, knees and ankles. I was also blindfolded during the entire examination, and the dentist used a special mouth prop which kept my mouth open during the examination.

The examination was very thorough and I was examined for about an hour as technically it was the first time the dentist could check everything he needed to because I wasn't pushing his hands out of the way. It was an odd feeling, because, without the ability to see what's going on, I was very sensitive to sounds and touch. I felt more sensitive to the scraping and I could feel the overhead light warming up my upper body.

I'm now 25 and I'm still being restrained and blindfolded by the same middle-aged male dentist for every single visit. Up until this year, I'd never had any problems with my teeth and they always receive compliments. In March, I was advised by my dentist that he found two cavities which needed to be filled. I was so scared, but I've learned to trust my dentist and made the appointment for two weeks later.

The dentist blindfolded me, propped my mouth open for the fillings and restrained me, so I wasn't able to move at all. He told me the exact moment he was about to inject my gums, which made me scared but also prepared. I had four shots because I kept telling him I wasn't numb (I think out of fear), which seemed like a lot, but they didn't hurt. Turns out I'm okay with it! The sound of the drill was scary but I didn't feel anything except a slight vibration. The process felt like it took forever and my mouth was aching after a while due to the mouth prop, but I couldn't do anything but lay there and let the dentist do his job.

I now have to go back there on Monday for my next examination and I'm nervous to find out if I have any cavities. There's one tooth that is concerning me, but we'll see what the dentist says.

I'm not sure if I'll ever stop being restrained. I don't feel embarrassed by it and apparently, I'm not the only patient there who gets restrained during all visits. It makes me feel calmer than when I'm not restrained.

Posted by sukafu_sensei on 2016-12-04 22:29:52

Thank you for sharing your experience. It seems we have a lot in common about how being blindfolded and restrained calms and relaxes us. I don't know what I would do if I had to go to the dentist without it. The less I can move the better. The scarf around my neck is always tied behind the headrest and a strap is used across my forehead. Dental gags and mouth props are used whenever possible.

Recently I needed to see the periodontist who works out of my dentist's office. My hygienist blindfolded me and tied me to the chair like she usually does. There were two visits for the procedure, one for each side of my mouth. They take a while and are not easy to endure. At the end of the first visit the periodontist said she wished all of her patients were restrained like me.

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Posted by Aurneriel on 2021-10-12 11:48:26

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