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Black Women Dating White Men


Posted by CuteJmcn on 2006-04-30 23:18:55

Thanks For your Racism

"black power" whether or not you choose to respond I know that you are reading this...I never said I hated black people nor that I hate myself...my stance is that i don't hate anybody and if i want to date a white/black/asian/indian or whatever, i will because i base my relationships on character, as i said, not color. the people i won't date are hateful people like you. i bet you anything that if you saw me on the street you would be just like everybody else tryin to "holla" AND TRUE Jamaicans don't refer to Jamaica as "jamrock" we call it Jamaica or "JA" but you wouldn't know that because you are a stereotypical American... anyways this conversation was never about Jamaica...you didn't see me turn the topic into the ghetto where you came from. You are worse than racist white people to hate your own race and your immaturity further confirms my reasons never to associate with the likes of you. Don't be surprised if the next person that knocks you down is a NEGRO.

Posted by lowlife456 on 2016-02-24 17:07:50

Most black women have about as much respect for White Trash males as they would a squashed $%!@roach stuck to the bottom for their shoes,less even.

Posted by Zanzi07 on 2016-05-03 18:22:49

As someone who exists as the result of a relationship between a Black American woman and White European man I strongly disagree that a Black woman dating a White man is self hatred.Black women and White men relationships have been going on for FAR LONGER than Black men and White women relationships. Back in slavery and segregation days when a Black man couldn't even look or speak to a White woman, the ONLY interracial relationships going on between Blacks and Whites involved Black women. There were and are so many things that a White man can offer Black women that Black men(at least the American variety) never could. Dating a White man isn't and never has been about dating one's self. Rather it is about giving one's self a hand up in life and saving a lot of headache and heartache along the way. I don't hate my Black half, but you couldn't pay me to marry a Black American man,because they have nothing to offer and have turned nearly every major American city into a cesspool of crime and violence . I'll just stay in Europe where my father had the good sense to bring me to as a child and stick to dating European men like my father. If my mother wasn't such an idiot she'd have left the United States a long time ago too, but like most Black women feels that the Hell they go through there daily is normal.