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Black Women Dating White Men


Posted by BLACK POWER on 2006-04-27 12:55:39

You're the reason this country is so f*cked up now, everybody is turning gay and bisexual. It's people like you that are so liberal that you are destroying the rest of us in this country. That's the problem Blacks have been oppressed for so long that now they desire to be white themselves, no black pride at all and it's a damn shame. They say the Black man is the reason for the plight of Black America, after reading through a lot of these posts, I would think otherwise. Damn, this country is going to hell and it's going fast.

Posted by CuteJmcn on 2006-04-27 21:26:35

nothing anyone does "destroys this country" or yourself. you allow yourself to be destroyed. the world is "going to hell" only bc of people like you. i feel sorry you have so much hate in your heart. it must suck to be saturated like that on the inside. nobody ever said they wanted to be white- that's your own ignorant interpretation of black people who aren't racist and don't walk around screaming black power. tell me something, if you are SO powerful, mr. black power, WHY do you keep screaming that the white man is holding you down? what you need in your life is a white woman...lol...

Posted by BLACK POWER on 2006-04-28 14:31:21

@Cute Jamaican

I need a white woman????, GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE. Instead of worrying how you can get a white man to squeeze in between your legs, you should be worried about how you can make life better in Jamaica for your people and how you can make a better education system for the children that live there, and that's if you're truly a Jamaican at all.

Posted by CuteJmcn on 2006-04-28 15:27:31

maybe i dont know what jamrock means because i don't associate myself with ignorant people who resort to primitive racial name-calling. i love how you dance around every one of my comments because you know they are true. anyways the only reason you hate everybody so much is because you hate yourself, and if you know so much about Jamaica's educational system why don't YOU go there and fix it considering you are so leukophobic...i'll wait while you look that up...

Posted by BLACK POWER on 2006-04-30 13:08:01

@Cute Jamaican

Look Jamrock is Jamaica, so how am I calling you names, that's why I don't believe you are a Jamaican in the first place. Your comments are not true, my problem with you is that you give too much love to the white man, but can't even love a black man. You're filled with so much self-hatred that it is sickening. I hate myself???? EXCUSE ME, I love myself and I love my Black people, and you don't know me so don't try and pass your ungodly judgment over me. I'm so glad that hateful "sistas" like yourself are in the minority, so don't worry the white man can have you, because you will no longer be the Black man's problem but you will be the white man's problem now. I'm done here and I'm off this site, and lady gain knowledge and love of self and your people, because White people do not love you, wake up and see the truth.