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Black Women Dating White Men

"black power"

Posted by CuteJmcn on 2006-04-25 23:40:00

Black Power, more and more black women are dating white men because of ignorant and prejudiced people such as yourself. Maybe if you had a little less hate in your heart you wouldn't make yourself so sick worrying about what the white men stealing your black women. I don't even see why you are so concerned with the issue anyways. I think it's ironic that you can spit the word "sellout" so easily and accuse somebody else of turning against their own race when you are doing the exact same thing by attacking her. Intraracism- not a new phenomenon. I understand you might have been conditioned and brainwashed to have this "white people enslave us" mentality, but some of us don't wallow in our circumstances and actually take the initiative to ignore the ignorant and to be intelligent enough to appreciate people for their character and not hate them for their color. That's something Dr. MLK wanted for the black community but I guess by your standards he must have been a sellout too, huh?

Posted by BLACK POWER on 2006-04-27 12:52:22

@cute Jamaican

More and More Black women are dating white men??? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH, where do you live, around my way that's not the case. They are dating white men because of people like me, WOW funny how EVERYTHING gets blamed on the Black man. You "sistas" on this site are sick, you hate black men but love white men, that's just how a slave thinks, hate your own and love your oppressor. About MLK, funny you mention him because whenever a sellout wants to justify their reasons for interracial dating, they point MLK. Don't drag and destroy his legacy with your slave mentality. Keep holding hands with the white man and you'll find your black azz hung. By you integrating with these people you are exactly where they want you to be and that's under them as their little lapdog, see what happened to the girl at Duke University, see what happens when you love them.

Wake up JAMROCK, white people have no love or no use for your black azz.

Posted by CuteJmcn on 2006-04-27 21:14:53

black power I've gotten as much hate from black people as I do from white people, such as ignorant people like yourself. a black woman dating a white man doesn't mean she hates black people it means she's not ignorant like racist people like you. that just shows how insecure you are. i'm have no clue what jamrock means but i'm sure it's something ignorant. i wonder what the white man did to you to make you so bitter. as far as that girl at Duke you act like black people don't rape people- people of their own race at that. the media shouldn't cover stories like that because then it gives an ignorant excuse for people like you to continue to blame white people for your own struggles. the truth is the media doesn't cover black men raping black women bc thats just not as interesting. i know exactly where you live and obviously where you live is holding you down and i wonder what kind of people live there....

Posted by BLACK POWER on 2006-04-28 14:27:40

@Cute Jamaican

I'm African-American and you don't know what Jamrock is???? You're not a Jamaican if you don't know what Jamrock is. They need to cover stories like that at Duke University, to show people that racism is not dead and it will never go away. You say they never show stories about Blacks raping each other, well check this they never show whites raping each other, I guess that's not interesting either. About Blacks who date outside their race, ask them to name all of the positiove things that they like about their opposite gender Black counterpart, and I will guarantee, they're comments will be little to nothing, because they are suffering from Self-Hatred. If you think I'm ignorant then that's on you, just don't start thinking for one second that whites love and respect you because they don't.

Posted by bwonly on 2006-05-08 05:18:57

you stupid freak i really dont know why im wasting ink on you,but its black people like you that will stand up and defend white people's way of life and get mad when other black people wont have it.every black person on this planet can go white if they want to,but i will love black women with my last breath because they are the best.