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Flashing Strangers

i did it

Posted by rockey on 2006-04-17 00:47:35

one time i was in after scholl with 6 people two tables 4 each i was in a table alone with a boy in my class. i flashed my boobs he looked but then turned

Posted by h0rny_whitegirl on 2006-04-24 22:21:01

all the time

im lauren, im 19 years old. ive been flashing people since .. forever. as long as i can remember actually. it makes me feel sexy, and wanted. my first time was actually when i was 14, when i was in mexico on vacation with family. lets face it, my family is a bunch of drunks and they went to bars the whole entire time. so, i would go out to clubs and drink too, since they really dont care your age there..so, there was a wet teeshirt contest and i thought, to hell with it, and i did it. i wore a white teeshirt and little skimpy shorts. my boobs, at the time were a full 32c, and i won, then after the contest, i just took my shirt off, it was outside and VERRY hot, so it was good. i felt great about myself and its a great way to express your body and get a little excited about it, i do it all the time now. if you wanna know more stories, ill be glad to share, and i might send pics too. email me: xxxnaughty_blonde69@yahoo.com thanks. xLauren

Posted by photo-nu on 2006-05-06 02:32:24

first lashing in a class setting

Hi, my name is Guy, I'm 50 now but when I flashed strangers for the first time, I was only 16. In those days, my girlfriend's mother was a sexologist teaching in a girls omly private college in one of my home town suburbs. She once asked me to come with her to one of her classes so that her students could talk a bit about boyhood and sex with a real boy of their age while she'd be available to answer questions and supervise our exchanges. I went and after a good while of exchanges with the girls, one of them asked if I could show them right there what a real nude guy really looked like. I looked at my friend's mother to see what was going on. "Why not? Would you dare to do it Guy and still feel OK?" said she. Hence, "Why not if you agree to let me do it" I said then. Well let's do it please Guy! Show us all!" said all the girls. A few minutes after, I was walking betwen the desks full naked and with a solid hard on thus giving the occasion to the teacher to explain the whole thing to the girls. After a good while, a girl even asked the teacher if I could show them what real sperm looked like. "Why not? Could you do so?" said the teacher. "Why not?" said I too. A few minutes later, I was working at it and gave a shot in a glass lab tube. The tube was passed from one girl to an other so they could see it well. "Could he do it again now or is it a one shot thing?" asked one girl. "What do you think Guy?" asked me the teacher. "Of course I can do it again right now!" I answered. I started to work on it again for a few minutes and gave them an other shot. By the end of that afternoon, I had given four of them sshots and all of the girls were given the chance to touch both my erected and flask organ at least once. True unforgetable experience! Last year, I met a woman who was one of these girls in those days. "Guy, did you know that all of the class girls were madly in love with you by then?" "Was that so? No I did'nt know at all" answered I. "Too bad." Said she. "Rigt now I'm a member of a comity that's organising a mmeting of those days class mates. When it will happen, would you agree to come and meet us now that we're all grown ups?" she then asked. "Indeed, I'd be delighted to!" said-I. "But of course you would not dare bare it all again this time. Just as a good reminder... Yes?" She asked. "Hummm, why not, just for the hell of it." was my answer.

Nothing more happenned with us yet.

Posted by Wankingtoddler on 2009-10-22 02:29:25

Has anyone ever flashed a child before i have and i'm 13 male i only flash for boys i enjoy it but not sure if to carry through to adulthood