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Girls, does he deserve you?

Intersesting poll

Posted by DressGirl on 2006-03-09 13:05:50

However, what about if I have discovered that every guy who doesn't rank his job or career in the top 3 on his list I know for sure will turn out to be a loser. Knowing that guy is stable and doing everything he can to progress his career is very sex and a very desiring trait especially if you want to find a relationship that might turn into something a little more longterm (aka marriage). I want a man who takes control of his life and is not afraid to speak his mind around me (by the way, I already found that type of guy). Next, I want a guy who makes me feel like a woman and who puts me at the top of the remainder of his list.

I think the following is a better priority list for my man at least: his religion his career/job his girlfriend (that's me!) his financial management his other meaningless crap goes here and below

Posted by jtur88 on 2006-03-11 16:20:10

Do you really think he ought to put his religion first? Even if its not the same as yours??? I bet you'll say he's not even on your list if his religion is not the same as yours. That means you're putting YOUR religion first, not his. You failed the test.