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girls wrestling boys

uh huh...and then...

Posted by WhatsInAName on 2004-12-21 20:01:35

the more i am beginning to see that 99% of all the polls and posts regarding wrestling are complete B.S. I've seen some doozies...9 year old girls beating up teen older brothers and sitting on their faces...7 year old girl beating up 3 guys at once...and I know that one of the "girls" is an old man...because he was in a park, waiting to meet my younger cousin at a certain spot. My cousin was on line at a family party, and a girl who has posted on mister poll said she wanted to meet and compare gymnastics moves and training tips. She asked me to come along, and when we got within a hundred yards of where we were going to meet, i saw a man waiting in the bushes. i told my cousin to go to the swings and i kept on walking and stopped like i was looking at the trees...and struck up a conversation with the guy. Then I just said to him "if you were posing as a girl to meet someone, get away now with your f@$king knees in-tact". The man walked away. This has also happened to a couple of girls my cousin knows through gymnastics. I will be the first to admit that I have lost matches to girls of all sizes, just as I have WON matches against girls of all sizes. None of them were people i met off the internet, in a chat room, on a poll, looking through people's profiles...because 99$ of them are fake, and you can tell just by talking to them for a while...like a woman who claims to be in law school...but can't spell everyday words...or someone who wrestles on-line posing as a girl... I wouldn't put a lot of stock in most of the posts here. There are never any pics or e-mail addresses for any of them anyway...so you may be fantasizing about a 13 year old in the body of a 56 year old man lol.

Posted by MuscleGirlBrat on 2004-12-21 22:58:15

Listen up WhatsInAName. The fact that you are a scared, weak little man really has nothing to do with these boards.



Posted by grrrrrrrrrl on 2004-12-23 22:55:13


Posted by MuscleGirlBrat on 2004-12-24 20:23:47

Once again what have we found out from this pointless exercise:

  1. 'WhatsInAName' (a concerned male) and 'grrrrrrrrrl' (a young girl) are in fact the same person. Hooray for your cause!!

  2. His/her bogus 'little cousin' story cannot be true because he/she posed as a teen girl online and then as a male who rescued a teen girl from a scary monster.

I repeat: Loser.

Happy Holidays!


Posted by Kansas Kowboy on 2005-04-04 02:56:12

Muscle Girl Brat do you have any commen sense? After seeing this post of yours and other posts I would have to say no.