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Does racism affect your life?


Posted by winter2006 on 2007-08-27 10:53:32

I'm a white male, I wouldn't say that I am racist but if someone told me a racist joke I would probably laugh. Except the thing is, I would probably laugh twice as hard if it was making fun of white people. And even though I make fun of other races, I probably joke about white people more than I joke about everyother race combiened.

Posted by blabber on 2008-08-26 06:18:57

First of all, the last question made no sense. oh well. Also, what Winter said was absoluely right. we all have racist thoughts at times, although we're not all racists. At one point in your life, you've probably thought of mexicans as being poor, or Muslims being terrorists. We all know that that's not true, but your mind has image recognition. If someone says that Mexicans are poor, than, although you don't really believe it, your mind associates mexicans with being poor. This is a huge problem with the government of the U.S. Our government is brainwashing us, in a sense, by supplementing our image recognition. Muslims were behind 9/11, so sadly, our brain associates muslims with being terrorists. Our government has that recognition, too. They are making speeches and trying to make us believo that little voice in our head. I know many Muslims, and they are very peaceful people (ok, Ahmed is a bit hyper, but he's not a terrorist). Now, getting to Winter's other point, I am a white jewish male, and I do make fun of myself. Sometimes, I'll say that I have a big nose. Sadly, I think i've indoctrinasted my friend, and so sometimes I just need to remind him that you can make fun of yourself but not others. Also, I like jokes about women, but jokes about men are way better. Just don't take yourself seriously but be very careful about whose image recognition you might tigger or who you could indoctrinate. Because we don't want a monoreligious or racist society. And it's much worse if they are poiticians, because you don't want a religious or racist government.