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Are People Born Gay? (Poll for Straights and Gays)

Gay IS NOT GENETIC!!! Animals Are Not Gay

Posted by sparkjr on 2006-03-19 01:56:35

Putting this a scientific perspective: we know that genetic material is inherited from parents in both animals and humans.

Since,we know animals are not gay or never have been,we can rule out genetic inheritance in humans as being a causal factor.

Time and time again,almost without fail,one thing becomes blatantly clear.Gayness,almost always develops from a bad or lack of a relationship from either the father or mother.

If a young boy is not shown love by his father or sometimes(not as often) lacks a male father figure in his development period,he will seek it(from a male)out later in life.Or vice versa with females.

Posted by Dr.Smart on 2006-03-19 05:50:11

Not genetic. Hormonal. Ok, there are these things called pheromones. You are attracted to certain ones, normally those of the opposite sex. In the case of gay people, the same sex. Therefore there is a chemical difference in the body.

Next up: People show signs of being gay/straight before puberty. Therefore, gayness can be determined before development.

Finaly, for now: As a woman has more sons they have a greater chance of being gay. What does that tell us? It could tell us that because there are more guys a guy is more likely to become gay. But then the other sons would become gay. It could tell us that the father has less time per son, but there is no turn over rate. Therefore a if you have 4 sons. One was just born and will be gay because his father has 4 sons to worry about one at 3, one at 4, and one at 6. The one who was just born will be the only gay one despite all of them having just as little attention.

It could tell us that the hormones in the womb are mixed up (which causes homosexuality) not even half the time, but probability says someone eventually will be gay.

Posted by sparkjr on 2006-03-19 07:19:03

So then under the proposed pheremone theory you're saying you would have to be within smelling distance of another man?

I bet there is a super high % of gay males that see other males on tv that they are attracted to,without ever needing to smell them.

Posted by Dr.Smart on 2006-03-21 02:36:08

That is simply one way of attraction. The fact they are not attracted to the opposite sex within close proximity proves it. We know pheremones exist, and we know they cause attraction. So what can a guy not being attracted to a girl tell us? Something is wrong! What determines your pheremone receptors, though? Hormones. Hormones which also cause attraction through other means.


So I was having an ok week until yesterday. Still plugging along at a job I hate, like most other Americans. Then it happened. An epiphany if you will. I realized that I am a fashion-less Satanist. Up until yesterday I had no problem wearing clothes from Wal-Mart as I bowed before the all powerful Satan at the altar I made myself. I’m not a committed Satanist though because I’m only sacrificing squirrels so far. You have to work up to babies. I found that out from a book called Satanism For Dummies. It’s pretty good.

So I’ve made a huge choice that I would like to share with all of you. I’ve decided to be gay. I am really attracted to women but they aren’t attracted to me so I figured why not try something new. I have made the choice to lead a gay lifestyle because, well, it’s just that easy. I was actually kind of surprised. Poof. Just like that I’m gay. I am all of a sudden attracted to men and have ignored over twenty years of being attracted to women. Just by choosing! Wow. This is easier than I thought. By simply CHOOSING to be gay I have become gay. I wish I’d have done this sooner. I guess I just never believed that people chose who they were attracted to, but I was wrong.

I was actually thinking about the first time I decided to be attracted to women. I was seven and there was a girl named Beth who I thought was pretty that was in my Sunday school class. I didn’t think she was attractive until I CHOSE to think so. I thought I was born liking women but nope. Turns out I CHOSE to like women. What a fool I was.

I think it will be interesting to be gay. I can finally start being ridiculed for the way I chose to be by people who have been given some sort of free pass to be judgmental because they believe in God. Muslims, Christians and pretty much any religion that preaches one thing and then uses that as an excuse to be judgmental because they believe in a higher power can all start hating me now. I can finally be hated for a good reason instead of all the other ones. That will make it much easier for close minded hypocrites to hate me. They won’t have to try to find something because, well, I’ve chosen to be gay. What a great choice this is! -Joel


Posted by Jim16 on 2006-06-06 15:42:51

I'm curious to know what research supports your claims?

Same-sex attraction is well documented in many animal species. The most well known case is the gay penguin couple at the aquarium at Coney Island, but there are hundreds of other documented animal species that have gay members. Bruce Bagemihl's "Biological Exuberance," published in 1999, documents homosexual behavior in more than 450 animal species. The list includes grizzly bears, gorillas, flamingos, owls and even several species of salmon.


You also claim that boys without a father figure have a greater chance of being gay? What study shows this? Of all the gay people I know, almost all of them have fathers who are and have been very much a part of their lives.

Looking forward to hearing from you.