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Bush's Wiretaps

Protecting our country

Posted by LiL-Daisy on 2006-01-27 02:21:04

I think President Bush is doing a great job in protecting our country. Some people argue that wiretaping violate our privacy, but the issue here is: what is our priority? Our country's security, or our personal privacy? Personally, I think security comes first, also, if I am not doing anything wrong, what am I afraid to hide? Only when some people doing something wrong (or something illegal), then they do afraid someone find out. Also, if the terrorist indeed do planning another attack, don't you think our president should do everything to keep us safe? Or should we wait until another attack occur, then blame on President Bush for not doing enough?

Posted by johndoe32102002 on 2006-01-27 06:57:47

I believe that protecting the nation should come as a second priority to our civil liberties. A government that becomes like 1984 is one not worth keeping. Civil liberties is the basis for the formation of this nation. Increasing civil liberties and less international presense is the answer to securing the US. The threats end when we stop threating others with our (Bush and his puppets') $%!@y behavior.

Posted by johndoe32102002 on 2006-01-27 06:58:33

The word blanked out is ccoocckkyy (doubled).

Posted by Emerald_Lilly on 2006-01-27 17:58:54

I have nothing to hids, and am not doing anything illegal, yet I feel the President not obtaining court orders infringes on my rights. You ask why should we mid if we have nothing to hids. You say that this is all to protect us from the terrorists. I feel if wire tapping is necessary to fight the terrorists, than it needs to be done, by it should be done in the legal way, by obtaining court ordered warrents. The court would grant warrents to spy on suspected terrorists. If Bush felt that the court would not grant the warrents, then he mustnot have any real evidence or reason to spy on others. Wo, why does he feel the need to go over the courts head? What is he really doing? I believe a choice I saw in another poll...profiling American citizens...which is a very scary thought.

Posted by mikey_T on 2006-01-29 06:43:45

if he were to get warrants for every wiretapped line, it would take too long. if the government suspects that there is a terrorist in our country, he should have every right to wiretap his line as quickly as he feels necesary. and its not bush that started it. he just "knew" about it. dont blame bush if you are against it.