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911 attacks

Yes Bin Laden did it

Posted by Van Man on 2006-02-03 00:32:57

Yes I believe that alkider was responsible for the attack on the world trade centre. Yes as the Teleban where protecting them and giving them a base it was right for USA to go to war and we Brits and other NATO allies where treated bound to support them. No the war in Iraq was not justified and was sold to us on a lie I believe history will Judge Goerge W Bush as a war monger. All these things have made my country as well as yours a more dangerous place not safer. PS the USA has the biggest stock pile of wdm's and the country has a mad war monger at the head of that country. This frightens me more than Iran getting nuclular weapons

Posted by Gerkhin on 2006-03-30 05:44:07

Dude. It's not surprising many patriotic Americans like you believe in what the government has to tell you.

But is the government really telling the truth???

There many evidence out there that suggest the government, FBI and the CIA are feeding you outright lies.

Try googling "New World Order" or "world conspicaries" or "911 conspiracies" and read what other people have to say.

Try watching "Fahrenheit 911" if you haven't.

Posted by Gerkhin on 2006-03-30 05:48:41

And one more thing, both bush and kerry are members of the "skull & bones society" when they were in Yale university and they still are right now.

Try googling "skull and bones" and find out more. You'll be surprised to find out many nasty secrets of the rich and powerful.

Posted by Cragslad on 2006-04-13 22:59:37

And as we all know, everything you can find on Google is true.

Gerkhin, you need to develop some critical thinking skills.

Posted by ajt on 2006-04-15 06:07:55

IT WASN'T Bin Laden. it was our Gov. below are a list of resones for proof.

-the trade centers exploded they didn't collapse.

-if you watch a clip of the tradecenters "collapsing" you can clearly see explosoins when it falls.

-marvin bush (ex-head of security at the world trade center.) pulled bomb sniffing dogs and other bomb counter messures just before 9/11.

-no plane hit the penagone.

-they was no skid mark that could be seen on the lawn but light posts were pulled up from the gound (unbent with to broken bulbs though)

-were did the plain go weres the wreck? and thats just the bombings, what about afaganistan? the list of hyjackers was completely wrong, 2/3 of them are still alive and the other third died long before 9/11 the only evedince we have is a tape bin laden sent us wich probabley wasn't even him, why?

-Bin Laden is left handed but in the tape he writes with his right hand.

-he weres a gold ring even though its illegel in afganistan.

-the tape was low quality, ecspecialy when compared to other tapes.

-plus bin laden sayed just days after 9/11 that he didn't do it, so why change his mind?

for more info search for loose change under videos on google, they've got some good stuff.