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girls sexuality ( girls ages 12-16 )


Posted by kiler-j on 2006-02-20 01:43:15

im a fifteen y/o girl, 1 day at school i was aproached by a girl friend of mine she asked my to come to her hose that night, when i got there she and some of her friends were there we played games for a bit and then some one brought out a gay sex tape a few girls took their pants and panties off right there and started to finger themselfs, i joined in, everyone else was diong it and it was realy fun. has this happened to any other girls?

Posted by DEEREHUNTER on 2006-02-25 19:04:21

yes,i'm 14 and was with three other girls.we had some beer and pulled panties down and finger ourselves.also finger each other. anyone else?? gem.xx

Posted by cutie101 on 2006-04-10 20:41:32


I had sex with my teacher. She was really beautiful and after school I had detention and she grabed my butt. She locked the door and we lied down on her desk and did some crazy stuff, she did it in the locker room w/me too.

Posted by lexi_babe on 2006-04-23 02:26:39

Hmm, why do I think your name might be Zoey? lol

Posted by Hayley232 on 2006-08-29 22:16:11

i will go to my friends house and we will be in her tub and pee on eachother and then lay nakey on top of eachother. we somtimes kiss a little but when we do it is full on french we somtimes finger eachother too. we are definetly not lez or bi though