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GIRLS: Do You Like Boys Who Are Big Babies?

BF in diapers

Posted by Mistrs4U on 2012-08-14 15:47:32

Hi, I am Ruby. I am 19, 6' even, 125 lbs, 42d-28-32, waist long black hair, steel grey eyes with not one single hair below my neck thanks to laser treatments.

I have a 17 year old boyfriend, slave who I keep in diapers 24/7/365 with the full knowlege and consent of his single mom. My mom, who is also single, does not mind in the least my having a male slave. I call my slave, "$%!@", as I said, $%!@ is diapered,he may NOT change himself, either his mom, my mom, myself or a select groups of my girlfriends may change him when needed. I had $%!@'s pubic hair perminately removed too, so as to make it easier to clean him when he is messy. By the way he is forbidden to use toilets. The only other places he may do his buisness is either out back or when I leash him and take my pet for a walk around the neighborhood. he does every scrap of his mom's and my mom's housework. Speaking of housework I use cloth diapers on him so he gets to wash them out by hand. Even though most of the time he is permitted to use washing machines for the rest of the laundry. Except when I am punishing him or if I am feeling particularly bitchy. At those times he get to do ALL the wash by hand. Of course, he is trained to render outstanding oral service to my $%!@ and $%!@ whenever I wish it. His mouth is also available to his own mom, my mom and my GFs. Plus he makes a very handy urinal when I have to go but am not near a Ladies Room. I haven't trained him for number 2 yet. I am saving that for after he is my wife.

I took hormones and induced myself to lacate so now my breasts produce a good supply of sweet milk that I make sure stays that way by watching my diet. Take lets me baby my BF even more, when he has been good and has completed all his chores, I sit on the sofa or lay back in the bed and pull him to my milk filled $%!@ and nurse him as I rock him and sing softly to him. I do love him, and will one day have his babies to breastfeed and rock too. But $%!@ will always be my first baby.