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why i started

Posted by Sara1250 on 2007-07-15 03:29:17

does depression count as a "mental handicap"? i like to think not.

Posted by shayne on 2007-12-08 08:30:12

i stated scratching and biting because i just dont want to cut and i would more ikly be found out if it was a cut,dep scatches though.If i cuti asked m fiend he said not on the ,umm..ok touch your $%!@(soy cant think of what its called ,no go between between your legs and your $%!@,now go down.He said not there bcause of vains.So and i started this because of family agueing and failing in school,friend isues too.

Posted by just another care kid on 2008-02-01 21:20:10

I'm a cutter. the 1st time was actually trying suicide, well I'm not sure i really wanted 2 die but i thought it would b the only way the abuse would stop (i was a kid there was a whole web of lies he told me that made me think i couldn't tell ne1). my "other" on mental problems is a list, reactive attachment disorder, add, depression, anger management issues in a massive way.

After the first time i just keep trying 2 feel something especially when they had me on Ritalin. even feeling pain is better than feeling dead inside and i have real problems expressing emotions. I clicked that i used 2 self harm, truth is more like i hope ive stopped, ive been in group and i havnt cut 4 like 18 months, fact is tho that i dont know what ill do next time i get 2 the dark place.

Posted by Malph on 2008-11-02 04:58:31

Why the $%!@ would ANYONE do that $%!@?

i started this because of family agueing and failing in school,friend isues too.

Family Arguing- I don't think my family has ever NOT had a rift in it in the 18 years I've been alive. Recently my mom has severed all connections with me and my brother, destroyed her marriage to my dad over $%!@ing nothing (literally), and for many years forced me away from my dad's family with lies (such as that my aunt was stalking me and my brother with intent to murder us). I never got to see my grandpa before her died because of her bull$%!@.

Failing School- On more than one occasion I was a hair away from repeating a grade. I $%!@ing dropped out because of the stress school was causing me (and because it was highly likely I was going to be another year, maybe 2, until I passed my Jr. Year).

Friend issues- I was one of the least popular kids in my town from 7 until I moved at 13, I haven't had too many friends for more than a few months since then. The most recent group started hating me because my one friend's over-protective boyfriend started a rumor that I was a stalker because he thought I was trying to steal his girl.

Yet, all my cuts and scars are from other things, not self-inflicted. A few may be from stupid things I've done, but that's a different kind of self-inflicted (accidentally self-inflicted).

There are many other ways to solve your problems that don't involve you injuring yourself. So find a hobby and get the $%!@ over it.

Posted by Inazuma on 2010-04-16 02:11:18

Would you tell a smoker to just get over it? Or someone who has a drinking problem? What about a drug addict? They're all similar in how they can overwhelm a person's life.

I can't speak for other people, but I started cutting as a response to depression. I don't mean an "oh, I'm bummed out" kind of depression. I mean the "I'll cut myself to feel something" kind of depression. (Yes, I take medication for my depression, it's that bad.) When I'm suicidally depressed, I cut to relieve the emotional pain and the emptiness I feel. It's better than trying to kill myself again. (Kinda.)

Unless you've self-injured, you can't really understand the kinds of mindsets that trigger the event. So try to have a little sympathy, okay?