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Boys Undershirt Survey (Boys 12 to 21

below the belly button

Posted by quickdry on 2006-03-02 11:28:53

Look at this info on styles worldwide about male undergarments http://www.misterpoll.com/poll.mpl?id=214734835

Just highlight and copy site.Use control C and paste in address bar control V

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2006-03-04 15:50:08

Boys Undershirt Survey

IO have really long shirt that works as swimwear. I wear the shirt and a speedo for the first hour I am at a pool to see if I would have to lift the shirt to prove I am not bottomless and then go into the dress room and remove the speedo. I then go back in. I find it feels great and never am I aked if I have a suit on. My girlfriend puts on panties and bra and long t shirt and she never is checked. At the seashore it is almost as good as being naked to go in in just a shirt plus the waves can't remove your swimwear and leave you naked. My girl goes into the surf with me and plays x rated games which nobody else catches on about.