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Which capital punishment method would you choose?

A bloodless death

Posted by Sasha_K on 2005-09-23 14:35:34

If I were to be executed for a capital offense, I would choose to be hanged. It's far cleaner than shooting, beating or electrocuting.

Posted by Sir-Mix-A-Lot on 2005-09-24 05:11:07

not necessarily, back in the 1800's somewhere in wyoming or somwhere close these guys, after hanging one person, decided to not change ropes for another hanging. When the second man was hung, his head was decapitated. I know its true cuz i saw it on the history channel.

Posted by jereab on 2005-09-26 15:24:40


If it is done properly hanging is nearly instantaneous.

Posted by Sasha_K on 2005-09-29 03:16:06

That was in the 1800s. But, today...in prisons, where hanging is the method of execution...they NEVER re-use the rope. When the state of Kansas executed the two men who murdered an entire family in 1959 (re: the basis of the novel and movies IN COLD BLOOD), they replaced the rope after each man was hanged. Also, if the man was decapitated...he probably was an overweight SOB. Weight has everything to do when a hanging is involved.

Posted by Malanda on 2009-12-14 01:34:34

A quick hanging is comparatively humane. Decapitation is not uncommon - Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons expert was decapitated at his hanging, for example. On the other hand, slow hanging is one of the most gruesome deaths imaginable. After the unsuccessful plot against Hitler's life by disaffected Nazis during WWII, several of the conspirators were sentenced to be hanged slowly from meat hooks. Their torment was filmed by their executioners, for the personal viewing of the Fuhrer. As they were dangled in mid air, their executioners removed the victims' trousers and underpants - thus forcing on them the indignity of ejaculating and defecating in full view of the cameras.