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Rules For Husbands??


Posted by Btvs899705 on 2005-10-15 01:45:08

I realize that everyone has their own views and thats cool. I just am furious that people with sexist views still exist today. Girls are more capable than guys at just about everything and I hope that one day thses types of guys will be able to get that thought into their miniscule brains. Once again these are my opinions, this is a hot button topic for me, so I had to post.

Posted by DressGirl on 2005-10-25 19:18:31

Ok - Point well taken. However, how do you define a sexist person? There are millions and millions of women who sincerely want a man to lead them and nothing else. That is true as it has been pointed out in many countires all around the world.

I for one am firmly opposed to a man "leading" or "controlling" me, however, I understand that many women really truly want that because it is easier for them

Are they sexist too??? Of course not! They believe that life is supposed to be that way. I think they are missing the bigger picture on life and living it, but that's my opinion. I also validate their opinions. Many many many women actually much prefer so called "sexist" men over more modern men all the time. I think they are odd, but you cannot deny them their right to choose the lifestyle they want.

Posted by misterpollster on 2005-12-10 12:57:38

It isn't a matter of controlling the woman. In fact, like most women, she really has control in the family. If women would use their femininity to manipulate instead of nagging and yelling they would weild more power in a relationship. My wife knows that by being demure and feminine (skirts, dresses, aprons...sewing, crotcheting, cooking, cleaning) she will be treated as a lady. In other words what gentleman would ever allow a woman to shovel the snow in a dress, or lift heavy objects that need moved, etc. Most women want to be pampered but reject the way to recieve pampering. My wife knows that by using her feminine qualities even if it means being a 1950's style housewife and mom she can expect the royal treatment.

Posted by jennaxx on 2006-04-26 07:33:44

No one should manipulate or be manipulated. I treate my husband like a king because he respects me as being fully equal and would never think about imposing rules on me. Because of the fact that he treates me as an adult ( and because he's so hot!) we have sex sometimes five times a day! Women feel alot more sexy and ready to jump into bed with their husbands when they don't feel like their husbands are lording over them like a daddy.

Posted by burnmaster on 2009-01-07 19:01:20

It's funny that btvs is "furious" that sexist views still exist, and then within almost the same breath says women are more capable at almost everything. Shouldn't you be furious at yourself?