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Celebrity Headscissor Poll: Who's The Best?

Body Scissor

Posted by Candie on 2005-10-15 00:57:37

Hi Twigs,

I don’t know if my leg scissor is stronger than Vice’s. Her thighs are even bigger than mine! And from what Jim says, Vice knows how to use those legs of hers to cause some damage! Yeah, your little body doesn’t compare to Jim’s, but don’t be jealous! I’ll always be there to enjoy throwing you around! :-)

H&K, Candie

Posted by Candie on 2005-10-15 01:12:28

Hi Jim,

My first scissoring experience was back in grade school when I was wrestling around with my girlfriend Monica. She’s a gymnast and has really strong legs. She wound up getting me in a leg scissor and I was trapped! I couldn’t get out of it, but Monica couldn’t make me give up! The next time we wrestled, I caught her in a leg scissor. She couldn’t escape and gave up as I easily overpowered her! It was a rush and a great feeling of power! I’ve been scissoring guys and girls ever since!

Vice really sounds like she has incredible legs. As far as chicken fights, I really haven’t done many of them. The few times I’ve done them, I’ve been the one on the bottom because I’m always the strongest and usually the biggest.


P.S. – Great advice and encouragement you gave to ‘69’! Twiggy, you listen to Jim! And yes…we’re all friends here!!

Posted by QuincySqueezed on 2005-10-15 01:15:16

Hey Candie

I'd be surprised if icould take half your power but i guess i owe you a leg massage :P Anytime I get confident again I wil ltalk to you ;)
Posted by Candie on 2005-10-15 01:21:57

Hi Quincy!

I'm sure it really would be hard getting you to submit, but I know I could...even if you do have great abs! Don't forget, I have 23" thighs and they're packed with muscle! I've been working out a long time, so don't feel bad!

Better luck next time! Candie

Posted by QuincySqueezed on 2005-10-15 01:35:32

I do not feel bad but if you ever want to try a scissor on me contact me