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Celebrity Headscissor Poll: Who's The Best?

Body Scissor

Posted by Jim135 on 2005-10-05 03:50:01

I meant to mention that Vise had 24 inch thighs. It was fun to learn after the fact that she imagined squeezing me as we were getting to know each other; one of those things I'd wondered about and wished for but didn't dare ask outright.

Posted by Candie on 2005-10-12 01:50:37

Hi you two studs!

You both sound like dreams! I like the sound of your abs, Quincy! And you're cute too!! And, Jim, 6'3 and 210 sounds totally yummy! And I like older guys! You'd both really need great abs to survive one of my legscissor holds around them! My thighs are an inch smaller than Vice's (23"), but they are packed with power!

Later you two! Candie

Posted by QuincySqueezed on 2005-10-12 03:55:46

I'm up to the challenge Candie if you want to describe how it would foretell if you got me in a body scissor

Posted by hello-69 on 2005-10-12 10:26:19

good to see you back Candie. i am sure that your leg scissors are stronger even than 'the vise'. you have told me all about your thighs and they sound amazing. i am a bit jealous that you have found some guys here :-). it dose not sound as if i can compare to 6ft 3 210lbs with my 5ft 10 150lbs. still i must have the advantage that i would be much easier to throw around. what do you think candie?

Posted by Jim135 on 2005-10-13 03:44:39

Welcome back Candie. I was wondering about your first scissoring experiences and when you first realized you enjoyed it? I can trace my first recollection of scissor holds going back to the second grade when a girl tackled me and I found her legs locked around my waist. From then on I was hooked. Vise introduced the 'love' of the headscissor because she was so damn good at it, still is!! And she loves doing it more than I love receiving, and that's pretty substantial. So we're interested to hear your 'first time' there Candie if you don't mind. And to hello-69, no need to be jealous :) we're all friends here, at least I think we are....