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Celebrity Headscissor Poll: Who's The Best?

Body Scissor

Posted by Jim135 on 2006-01-15 09:18:17

Hi Chrissie,

I'm sad to say the Fitness Instructor left a week early very short notice. :( Change is the nature of our schedule so we have to be flexible. I did challenge her to arm wrestle a few days prior and she jumped at it. She beat me but needed three hands (both of hers and a friend) to do it. :) She agreed to a rematch but we didn't get to make it happen. I dropped the 'leg wrestling' hint but she never got to reply due to the short notice departure. She was pretty crazy and I could definitely imagine her using her legs to crush someone and enjoying it.

I did get a day off and am taking another Tuesday. That will probably be it until I get home which is fine because time is flying.

Hope all is well in Chi-town. Talk to you soon.


Posted by Candie on 2006-01-18 01:58:36

Hi Jim.

Things are a little sad in Chi-town after our Bears lost! Oh well, like us Cub fans always say; "Wait til Next Year!"

Sorry you missed out on your chance to wrap legs with your fitness instructor! You must have some pretty strong arms if you were able to go up against her and her friend at the same time! I don't think you'd have that easy of a time arm wrestling me! I've got some guns! :)

Talk to you soon and don't work so hard!

Yours, Chrissie

Posted by Jim135 on 2006-01-18 04:13:57

Hi Chrissie,

I wasn't going to jump on you about the Bears. When it's playoff time I support the division although I have to say I'm rooting for the Seahawks to go all the way since I'm just across the state from Seattle. As for the 'wait till next year' comment, I've been saying that about the Lions since I can remember.

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to wrap legs with her too. At least I'll get to stay in touch so perhaps sometime down the road, who knows? It would've been tough leg wrestling her because her legs were short but very muscular while mine were considerable longer than her's. I never go around boasting about my arms but they're pretty strong. I did lose but I take comfort that it took three arms to beat me. :) At least I've got not ego about losing so if you got lucky and beat me I'd be able to take it.

It's tough not to work so hard here. It's just a natural part of being deployed and like I said it helps the time fly by!! And speaking of work, duty calls. I'll talk to you soon.


Posted by Candie on 2006-02-02 01:45:49

Hi Jimmy,

Well, I guess if the Lions want to go to the Super Bowl, they can just buy tickets and they can see it right in their own hometown. Sorry! Will you be home for the Super Bowl? Not sure what I'm doing Sunday. Maybe I'll find a good party to go to.

So, you think it would be "lucky" for me to beat you? I don't! I've got some pretty strong arms! And my legs are killer! I might really surprise you in an armwrestling match! It's good to know that I won't bruise your ego when I beat you! :)

Take care, Chrissie

Posted by Jim135 on 2006-02-08 23:49:02

Hi Chrissie,

I always imagined hearing Detroit mentioned in the Superbowl. I guess I needed to be more specific by imagining them playing in it. :) Oh well. I wasn't home for the Superbowl but I am now. I watched it while we were overnight in England. They showed it live but unfortunately we didn't get to see any of the commercials. I was so hoping Seattle would win but it's tough when the officials make the majority of bad calls against them.

I think you'd need a little luck when it came to arm wrestling to beat me but I'm not doubting the leg wrestling. If you're true to your word then I think you'd have me in the leg department. I'm not going to claim I can withstand your scissors either although it would be fun to see how much I could take. Either way no ego would be bruised, not mine anyway. ;) How about yours? Talk to you soon.