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Celebrity Headscissor Poll: Who's The Best?

Body Scissor

Posted by Candie on 2005-12-07 01:49:30


Hope you have a great trip and a wonderful holiday. Pick me out a nice souvenir! I'll be off on a little trip soon to visit mom in NYC.

So, Merry Christmas! Hope you get everything you want...wrapped up in a big "squeeze"!


Posted by Jim135 on 2005-12-26 01:47:34

Hi Chrissie,

I'm still quite a ways away (north of Afghanistan actually) but having a good time nonetheless. Christmas wasn't bad except for the being away from home part. The good part of being here is getting into a regular workout routine so I'll be ready for ya.


Posted by Candie on 2005-12-30 02:43:27

Hi Jim,

I didn't know what kind of trip you were going on. Sounds like you're in a "not-so-friendly" little corner of the world! Please be careful!

Just got back fron NYC visiting mom for Christmas. Had a great time! There nothing like New York at Christmas time! Good to be home, though!

Have a Happy New Year! Chrissie

Posted by Jim135 on 2005-12-30 04:49:24

Hi Chrissie,

Yep, I'm in one of those areas where they 'tolerate' us. Some like us but some surely do not. We've got snow right now though so it's pretty at least. If I had a place to post I could share pictures. I can't even tell you to e-mail he at Hotmail because I don't have access to that here. I mean I do but the internet cafe is pretty slow and I haven't used it so that could be an option I guess.

On the upside of things there's a fitness instructor here that has an amazing set of legs, OMG! It would be fun to wrestle with her but approaching that subject is a tough one.

Glad you had a good time in NYC, a place with it's one unfriendly little corners. Like I said before I should get back sometime in Feb/Mar.

I'll be sleeping the New Year in; have to work early Sunday. I haven't had a day off yet but that's okay, helps the time fly by. You have a good one, don't get toooo crazy. :)


Posted by Candie on 2006-01-07 15:19:30

Hi Jim!

Happy New Year! Sounds like you didn't get much of a chance to celebrate. I went to a party with some friends and celebrated a little too much! I think my headache is finally going away! :)

Hope you're still not working too hard! Did you finally get a day off?

So your fitness instructor has some nice legs, huh? Maybe you should challenge her to a leg wrestling match. If she's like me, she'll love showing you how she can handle herself against a guy. I love it when guys want to arm wrestle or leg wrestle with me. It lets me know that they think I'm strong and can compete with them. And I love to see the looks on their faces when I beat them!

Take care and hurry home! Chrissie