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Celebrity Headscissor Poll: Who's The Best?

Body Scissor

Posted by QuincySqueezed on 2005-10-29 03:27:30

Candie Why dont you describe what would happen with combo of those moves on me?

Posted by Jim135 on 2005-10-30 17:09:53

Hi Chrissie,

I wouldn't say I'm computer challenged but I'm not a geek either. I know enough to have fun and to get myself out of trouble should it happen.

Oh yeah Sandra Bullock is definitely one of my favs. Don't forget in Miss Congeniality she was putting on some wrestling moves. I used to do both types of matches with Vise. The great thing was that I didn't have to hold back for fear of hurting her. In fact the avoidance of her legs was true to keep her from hurting me. ;) If I got hold of her first I could usually win but that was the real trick; that and keeping her from getting hold of me. Even if she managed to scissor one of my legs it was only a matter of time before she worked her way up my body usually going for a headscissor of some sort. I escaped from her headscissor once, truly. We had been at it for some time and were quite sweaty. This allowed me to slip loose while she was adjusting her legs. The look of disbelief on her face had to be seen to be believed but the next thing I knew her arms and legs were coming at me from all directions and she locked on a figure-four like no other and held me for quite some time even after I gave. She maneuvered into a reverse figure four (ever done one of those?) and had hold of my right leg. If I even thought about trying to trap her in a scissor hold she cranked on the pressure and I about went limp. Others may shake their head but until you've been in this position being squeezed by an amazingly strong pair of legs its impossible to fully realize and appreciate.

She loved the playful side too. I saw in another post that someone (I forget who) asked MGB if she ever had an orgasm while squeezing. Her reply was no but she had been close. Well Vise did once. She had me in a figure four headscissor where I was facing her and had me pulled in as far as she could. She was writhing as she squeezed and her quads were swelling around my neck and head. I was helples and had tapped long ago and repeatedly but her slow steady squeeze continued. Her pressure increased and I noticed convulsions, slight as they were, and a noticeable change in her breathing. Her legs were also attempting to draw me in further and it felt like she was going to tear me apart when her grip started to ease. The rhythmic twitching continued for a bit while I gathered the courage to ask if what I thought happened just happened. She confirmed my suspicion with quite the evil smile and head nod.

So Chrissie I'm more than brave enough to get in the ring with you, or room, or whatever venue may present itself. You say you'd eat me alive (an intriguing thought actually) but I think you might be biting off a little more than you could chew. ;) Even when Vise was hurting me I still enjoyed it as she enjoyed squeezing. I'd love the thought of a neighborhood Scissor Queen, too bad you're not in the neighborhood. :)


Posted by Candie on 2005-10-31 02:16:32


You're really asking for some major pain, hon! You want to handle both a bearhug and a legscissor from me?!

I know you've got good abs but....

Here goes: I grab you around the waist. I lock my hands and wrists tight as my muscular arms wrap you up. You try to pull my arms off you but it's no use. Not with my kung-fu grip! :) You're my prisoner as I start squeezing away at your midsection!

You feel your feet come off the ground as I lift you up. You struggle in vain to free yourself! Your feet just dangle helplessly in the air as I squeeze you harder and harder! I bounce you up and down and shake you around as I increase the pressure on your spine!

To your credit, you don't give up so I let you drop. You land on the floor clutching your bruised ribs.I easily get you in a leg scissor! I wrap my huge thighs around your bruised body and get ready to squeeze.

My quads flex up hugely as I start cranking on you. Your hands run across my bulging thighs. You know you're trapped! You turn red as I squeeze the air out of you! You've had enough and wisely give up!

The End!


Posted by Candie on 2005-10-31 02:34:10

Hi Jim!

How about those Bears! Sorry! Thought I’d get that out of the way first!

I’ll normally use a figure-four to immobilize an opponent and I don’t usually reverse it. I get more squeezing power out of a side leg scissor hold. Most of the time I’ll go for a head squeeze but I enjoy wrapping someone’s torso up in a good squeeze too!

I’m sure my scissor is as good as or better than Vice’s. I’d be happy to show you! ;) Any time you’re in the ‘hood! I may be a little more competitive and not as playful as Vice though! Plus, with all of my weight training, I have a lot of upper body strength! Most people are extremely impressed with the size of my biceps! Pretty darn big…for a girl!

Cheers! Candie

Posted by QuincySqueezed on 2005-10-31 05:32:13

thats how i see it too well before the pain it was nice :P