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Celebrity Headscissor Poll: Who's The Best?

Body Scissor

Posted by QuincySqueezed on 2005-10-26 04:08:01

Hey Candie

do you do the body scissor and sleeper combo because i would love for you to do that to me and describe it
Posted by Candie on 2005-10-26 04:08:30

Hi Jim,

Since we've gotten to know each other better, I just wanted you to know that my real name is Christine. You'll notice that if you read some of the posts on the "Candie and MGB" site. Everybody seems to like calling me Chrissie though. I used to hate it but now I kinda like it! But you can call me Candie too...that's actually my real nickname! No lie!

It must be great to travel! I agree with you! I'll take CA over IL anytime! I was out in LA with daddy a little while back and I totally loved it. "Laguna Beach" is my all time fave show! I'm hooked on it!

Go Hawks! :) Chrissie

Posted by Candie on 2005-10-26 04:16:37

Hey Quincy!

Ooops! Am I dissing you again?!?! Sorry!

Actually, I've used a combination full nelson and body scissor on opponents to immobilize them or get them to submit. After I get an opponent down on the mat, I'll get behind them and first wrap them in a full nelson then pull them up in a sitting position. Once I've done that, their arms are trapped. It's real easy to then wrap my legs around them in a body scissor. After that I'll usually twist them over on their sides while I apply pressure to their neck and squeeze their body at the same time! Ouch! Doesn't take long for them to give up after that!


Posted by Jim135 on 2005-10-26 04:20:24

Hi Christine,

Nice to 'meet' you. First off let me say the Hawks don't stand a chance. The Wings are just playing too well right now. :)

Taveling doesn't suck by any stretch. I even lived in England for 6 years (got back a few years ago. It was fantastic and I'd go back in a second. I haven't been overseas since this time last year so I figure I may be due soon, possibly over Christmas but those are the breaks I guess.

Since you've been at this site for over a year I was wondering if you've actually ever met anyone in person? I'm sure the answer is no (pays to be careful) but you never know. I've met one person that originated online. Have you ever heard of Stacy Jett? She's big time into grappling and turned out to be as nice in person as online.

You know it's too bad this site doesn't have a place for pictures so we could all 'see' each other. Plus with Halloween coming up I bet there will be some very original costumes out there. I can't wait!! :)


Posted by QuincySqueezed on 2005-10-26 13:44:55

Its ok I don't take it as dissing me. I think you would be a good challenge for me. You have some awesome moves. I would try to avoid the bear hug and your devastating body scissors