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Celebrity Headscissor Poll: Who's The Best?

Body Scissor

Posted by Candie on 2005-10-17 00:44:43

Hey Jim,

Did I tell you I have this thing for older guys? ;-) And if you’re a leg man, I’m sure you’d like mine. Especially if you like muscular legs! I’m pretty proud of my legs and I see a lot of guys checking them out.

Is the armor and chain mail a hobby for you? Are you a history buff?

You seem really active in sports. I’m sure anybody would have a tough time against us if we teamed up. Have you ever wrestled? We’d probably make a great tag team, too! :-)


Posted by QuincySqueezed on 2005-10-17 01:09:12

I'm glad u like me I like you too but you could hold me in your legs as long as you want.

Posted by Jim135 on 2005-10-17 11:16:42

Hi Candie,

You didn't mention that you had a thing for older guys. And yes muscular legs are definitely my favorite!!

The armor and chain mail is both hobby and I'm a bit of a medieval history buff. Chain mail is pretty easy to make as it turns out, just tedious bending each and every ring.

I never formally wrestled because back in school I was a little too skinny (same height I am now but only 150 pounds). Most of my experience has been for fun but I am pretty good at it nonetheless and can usually hold my own.

Anyway Candie, Quincy, and Twigs, you guys have fun. I'm headed to Chicago for the week (work related) so I'll most likely be out of touch. Talk to everyone when I get back.


Posted by hello-69 on 2005-10-18 14:59:49

its great to hear that jim went from my size to being a powerful guy. i hope i can do something similar. maybe one day it could be me lifting candie above my head. i am fairly sure that candie will always be stronger than me really. what do you think candie?

Posted by Candie on 2005-10-18 15:19:26

Twiggy - It wouuld take nothing short of a miracle to get you strong enough to lift me! I'm years ahead of you in weight training, babe. I'll always be bigger and stronger than you! But keep trying!!