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Celebrity Headscissor Poll: Who's The Best?

Girls age 13-15 scissoring

Posted by PunyOlderGuy on 2006-01-13 07:36:10

I notice they did well, particularly Victoria Larvie, but I just can't see how it could happen.

It would take a girl older than that to even slightly hurt, they're just skinny with a little muscle?

Posted by hello-69 on 2006-01-20 09:22:37

victoria is exceptionally muscular for her age. i would not want to be caught between her legs. i do not think if you met her you would think she is skinny. she looks very powerful to me

Posted by PunyOlderGuy on 2006-01-27 00:45:26

Maybe, her thighs look like killers admittedly so maybe if she got a guy's neck it'd be over if the technique was right.

Posted by Weedhopper on 2006-08-20 06:41:01

I don't know if you've ever been scissored but a gitl like that Victoria Larvie could definitely hurt the average man with her legs. She's small so she would probably have trouble wrestling a bigger guy but I have to agree that if she caught you with her legs it would be light's out.

Posted by biggerboned on 2006-09-05 07:26:10

I was only about 13 when I first learned how to apply a headscissor. I already weighed about 210 lbs with very big legs and I nearly killed the man who taught me the hold. Now 7 years later I weigh 270 with 31 inch thighs and I wish I could find that man today.