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If I ever needed help in my life, I need it now.

cmon man

Posted by Sir-Mix-A-Lot on 2005-09-07 01:58:59

dude, quit being a chump. be straight up with her, and if she doesnt like you, its her loss. I had the same situation, and when she said no, i knew that we could still be friends, but that she was missing out bigtime.

Posted by C9 on 2005-09-20 23:09:06

Sorry Dude

As a woman who has used that line before, I'm going to tell you what I meant by it every single time: I care about you I don't want to hurt your feelings I don't want to hurt your ego there is a girl out there for you but it's just not me. -OR- Theres another guy I like and I want to see how he feels, if he turns me down, I'll think about you next.

I'm really sorry to say. I'm also really sorry that us girls worry so much about being mean sometimes, that we lead a guy on when we really want him to just be happy being our friends forever.

She may be different though, good luck!

Posted by Candiix on 2007-01-27 05:36:57

good chances are that she likes you.... but another guy a litttle bit more. so if he says no, shes gonna be all over you.