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Mean Girls

I don't "torture" pets or any of that.

Posted by Audreyb on 2012-02-08 17:51:21

I just enjoy overburdening a beast of burden. I visted a small island where there are no vehicles except bicycles and donkeys and I opted for renting a donkey. On the first day I just took the first donkey they brought out and rode him around without incident,kicking him perhaps a little harder than I needed to but the beast wasn't effected and I was only a little disapointed. But I happened upon a couple also riding donkeys and the couple were noticably overweight.The woman was the heavier of the two and she was very much a burden on her donkey.She kicked him quite hard and continued to sit on him when when they stopped at a vendor for ice cream. I started to notice them more and more as I encountered them frequently on the small island. At one point, the woman looked at me as she bounced her weight on her struggling donkey,clearly to cause it discomfort while it was already very tired and her smile was beautifully sadistic.
I knew without speaking to her what she was thinking and that I had found a kindred spirit.

But being so much smaller than she was,but wanting to feel the same power I needed to do something different. So the next day when I rented a donkey I asked for the smallest one they had, tell him that I didn't like being to high off the ground (a lie) and I picked out one that was very small and somewhat frail looking. I was told that he was usually reserved for small children but I insisted and the owner rented him to me. The poor think grunted as soon as I sat on him but he managed to carry me. I waited until I was far enough away to not be seen by the owner before pushing the animal hard with kicks and slaps to carry me up a hill that was somewhat steep.I wish I had brought my spurs but my heels dug into his ribs nearly as well and the little beast staggered under me several times.He stopped and refused to move a couple of times and at first I just sat on him and kicked him which didn't get him going, but the I bounced up and down on him, almost making him fall and he staggered foreward and carried me for the rest of the day.

Posted by miss elizabeth on 2012-02-10 16:06:22

while i openly condoln and encourage some forms of human cruelty, especially when directed at men, i detest any form of animal cruelty, especially when these poor animals are often kept in conditions where they are already suffering, i know some people may just see my distaste for animal cruelty as a difference in personality but i really rate anyone inflicting animal creulty on the same level as rapists and child abusers and feel the punishments should be on the same level

Posted by Audreyb on 2012-02-13 13:26:53

I'm sorry miss Elizabeth but I don't see using a beast of burden for his intended purpose as exceptionaly cruel whether the beast is human or otherwise. While a male human slave may have a choice regarding his condition, a donkey or other beast of burden only exists for that purpose.

The donkeys ,all of them in this case in fact,existed on this island only to carry people who sat on them.If not for this use,they would never have been bred at all or been raised as live stock to become pet food or some other commercial use.

I certainly wouldn't simply sit on a cat or a dog just to torture it by doing so. While I did in fact choose the smaller animal in that case , partially for some cruel fun in burdening it , I very much doubt it suffered more or even as much as some of the donkeys who carried much larger people who sat on them with not thought of the burden on the animals at all. My point being that it's suffering was the same whether I enjoyed it or didn't. It's proportinate burden was no greater than that of other donkeys carrying men and women who were completely indifferent to the donkeys that were sitting on.

If you for example,decided to ride a human slave, regardless of his choice in being submissive to you, is he burdened less beneath you than he would be if you simply ordered him to carry something that was equal to your weight? Does your enjoyment of being the source of his burden in any way increase his burden? Even if the slave/sub enjoys being beneath you,your enjoyment or his suffering is no less sadistic than it would be if the slave had no choice it the matter at all.

Posted by alex101010 on 2014-02-21 05:10:06

whats the point of hurting a donkey when you could do the same to a slave man? are you interested? I could be your beast of burden...

Posted by alex101010 on 2014-02-21 05:12:20

i agree about not abusing animals, you could use a slave man for that purpose, would you be interested on doing it freely to a man?