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Are stockings becoming popular at your school?

Are stockings becoming popular at your school?

Posted by demiplie on 2006-07-16 15:00:54

Tights are compulsory at my school.Nobody I know wears stockings...they are associated with $%!@s and tarts.Tights are comfortable to wear and easier to put on than stockings.Men would like women to wear stockings..tights are for liberated women!

Posted by Stocking_Girl on 2006-07-16 22:03:09

I disagree with you, although I agree stockings are a lot sexier than tights, they are more higenic (you don't get as hot 'down there' as the moisture isn't trapped)! More comfortable than tights, more cost effective in the long run, if you ladder or snag a leg, no need to throw them away just use another leg from another pack. And more convienient when you go to the toilet! They are only '$%!@ty' if you wear a skirt that's too short and let everyone see them and why would you be doing that? I discovered stockings and although they felt 'different' at first, they are a lot better than tights, but it is important that you get a proper suspender belt (not one made for show in the bedroom) and it must have metal clips. Then you will find they are a lot more comfortable.

Posted by Stocking_Girl on 2006-07-20 20:13:27

I have noticed that some people have stated in answering the question about when they started wearing stockings, that they have been wearing stockings since they were under 10, I find this hard to believe? I understand that you they may have worn tights/pantyhose but stockings before they were 10??

Posted by bethany15uk on 2006-07-23 13:29:17


I tried wearing stockings once but I was wearing a short skirt and it was too much hasslle trying not to flash the tops all the time. I seen one or two girls wearing them though. I def h8 wearing tights so i just go bare legs. You get used to the cold in the winter and its a lot easier.

Posted by RachelOSullivan on 2006-08-15 12:11:55

My mammy has always made me wear stockings or knee socks never tights. i wore them first when I went to a wedding when I was nearly 12 and then i didn't wear them much but last year she made me wear them to school.

I didnt like it much bc I was the only girl in stockngs some wore holdups a couple of times but I was the only one to wear suspenders bc my mammy prefers them, thats what she wears.

Im going to a new school in sept and I hope more girls will wear stockings there, bc mammy sez I can wear knee socks if I want but otherwise nylon stockings wiht suspenders. Im 15 yr 11 so I dont want socks and I hope more girls will wear stockngs.

We arent allowed trousers in school and mammy wont let me wear them anyway.