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Security Scanners That Make You Look Naked

Integrated Unclothed Screening as the standard procedure at airports worldwide

Posted by Sylveef on 2019-06-21 19:58:44

June 21, 2019

Re: Integrated Unclothed Screening as the standard procedure at airports worldwide: SOPs and precautions

Dear Friend:

After the last update on July 28, 2013, there is a need for another update. Integrated Unclothed Screening was introduced as alternate of heart-and-brain damaging security gates as well as cancer-inflicting body scan for kids under the age of 11 years. Based on my predictions about 9 year ago, this has become standard procedure. The parents, who refuse body scan have to agree to strip searches of their children, which is at time embarrassing for children. Cavity searches pose the risk of infection transfer and tear and damage of delicate body parts of children if done by unprofessional persons at the airport (who are unfortunately in large number). Strip searches in private (with or without the parent present) have at times indicated that airport staff has taken advantage of young children, in particular, girls.

Those parents who have adopted to aspects of Integrated Unclothed Screening have avoided these problems and have been given a light treatment at the security counter. From the many accounts of parents through private email, I have concluded that that those parents, who have dressed their children in minimal clothing before entering the airport lounge (shorts for boys, skirts/miniskirts for girls) and stripping them to briefs/panties right at the entrance of airport lounge, have got the best deal.

Referring to my poll: Clothing Limits for Children https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/503847

Question Number 23: Suitable clothing for girls in airport area and airlines (to facilitate Integrated Unclothed Screening) as well as doctor's offices (to ensure through examination with least time spent in undressing) may be:

Responses (as of today, June 21, 2019): 282 (69%) parents suggested panties only, stripped to waist, as the clothing limits for girls under the age of 11 years. Out of these 102 (25%) allowed sandals, whereas 180 (45%) recommended barefoot. In the other choice box, 59 (14.5%) suggested nude; out of a total of 480 responses.

This is an update of information available at the following link: https://www.misterpoll.com/forums/135040/topics/170752/pg/1

Integrated Unclothed Screening:

False Positives: Less than security gates and backscatter-X-ray screening

Missed Cases: Less than security gates and backscatter-X-ray screening

Scientific Concerns: None

Benefits: i) Decreasing time of check in and hence reducing cost and ii) Avoiding: a) Trauma due to "forced strip search" of a child, when alarm sounds at the security gate b) Exposure to electric and magnetic fields to heart and brain, generated by security gates c) Exposure to X rays to eyes, neck area and gonads, in case of backscatter-X ray screening and millimeter-wave scan (active-full-body scan)

During pleasant weather boys (girls) are brought to airport in pure-cotton briefs (pure-cotton panties; no other material on panties so as not to set the alarm, if passing through gates), shorts (miniskirt), pure-cotton socks and leather shoes. Girls should have hair completely open with only plastic hair band holding the hair. No clips, pins. If the weather is chilly a blanket could be wrapped around the upper torso.

Immediately upon entering the airport lounger, the child removes shoes, socks, miniskirt/shorts as well as blanket (if wrapped). All these items are now packed in cabin baggage, which passes through X-ray scanner. Hence, these items could not be worn for the next 24 hours. Clothes should be thoroughly washed before. Boys are now dressed in briefs and girls in panties only(barefoot, stripped to waist), diapers must be removed, hair completely unbraided and opened up (all removed clothing, diapers, shoes and socks must first be hand searched and, then, passed through the X-ray belt), the child (now completely undressed except briefs or panties) is, then, thoroughly searched in the following manner, while the child's stuff is passing through X-ray belt: (a) lifts arms above head; (b) ears and mouth, in particular, below the tongue looked at; (c) through hair search for concealed weapons or narcotics; (d) wand (made of non-metallic material, containing no sensors) pressed over briefs or panties to look for concealed weapons, parent or accompanying adult must supervise the child throughout the process to maintain discipline.

The children after the screening now roam about in the airport lounge and travel in the airline barefoot and in underwear only, as their clothing, shoes and socks are unsafe to wear now. Upon entering the aircraft their feet should be wiped with baby wipe. They’ll be provided blankets in the airline to keep them warm during travel.

At the destination buy them a pair of flip flops and blankets from the airport shop to reach place of stay. The following additional benefits are derived from this practice:

a) Children in briefs or panties only would spontaneously play in the lounge without the fear of getting clothes caught up in furniture or fixtures (one would note that the physical activity of children increases as soon as they are undressed, even for examination by doctor). Airport authorities should provide special play areas for children in the lounges as do the fast food chains.

b) Because of vigorous activities in the lounge, they’ll get tired and sleep through most of the journey, keep them away from mischief.

c) As a matter of policy, the airline security would feel comfortable that children (who are not body scanned) are not carrying any weapons during the flight.

d) The body of the aircraft is generally hot from inside at the time of boarding (especially in the economy class), so the children would be relaxed in underwear and may fall asleep easily (and keep away from mischief during the flight).

e) During the flight (turbulence, ascent and decent) there is an extra need to pass urine, so it would be easier to go and use bathroom.

f) Allowing the skin to breathe in the wake of cabin pressure of aircraft.

g) Loose clothes of children may get entangled in the narrow space between the passenger seat and front seat, in particular if the seat in front is slightly reclined backwards.