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Security Scanners That Make You Look Naked

New poll "Airport Security and Kids"

Posted by Sylveef on 2008-08-31 15:35:37

Dear Friends,

Please vote on my poll:

Airport Security and Kids


My other polls:

Physical Examination of Kids: Parents’ Expectations on Quality


Attire and Health Surveillance for School-Going Kids


Bedtime and Indoor Clothing for Kids


Many thanks


Sylvie (sylvee@live.com)

Posted by Sylveef on 2008-09-07 12:53:15

September 6, 2008

Sub: Re-Launch of Polls

Dear Friends,

Out of the 4 polls listed above, 3 are re-launched. These are:

Bedtime and Indoor Clothing for Kids

Attire and Health Surveillance for School-Going Kids

Airport Security and Kids

In the post above, the addresses typed below the names are re-launch addresses. Therefore, if you have voted earlier, please visit them again. I have modified contents as well as order of questions.

Take care,


Sylveef (sylvee@live.com)

Posted by Sylveef on 2008-09-18 15:32:32

September 16, 2008

Sub: Airport Security and Kids2

Dear Friends,

I have launched to sequel to poll Airport Security and Kids


as Airport Security and Kids2, in particular, for parents who have opted for Integrated-Unclothed Screening for their kids. The address is:


The results of “Airport Security and Kids”, to this date (September 16, 2008) raise some concerns about rights of privacy and right to be informed of the kids. It seems that security issue has taken us far more than we can bear. Child rights and protection groups should notice, what is happening at our airports:

The response to the Question No. 11, "Did it ever happen that alarm sounded when your kid was passing through the Security Gate?", was "yes" (100%), and in each case it is stated the kids were subjected to a “Complete STRIP SEARCH” (Q. 12), again, 100%.

Further, 71% parents indicated that the search was conducted in "General-Passenger Area (OPPOSITE-Sex Screener)" (Q. 13).

57% say that their kid was NOT given a proper explanation before the conduct of search (Q. 14).

I think all of the above statistics is alarming. I understand that the authorities might be thinking that a child is being used to carry a controlled or prohibited substance. But, on the other hand, children are, generally, not careful with what they are carrying in their pockets. I think “pat down”, “search with wand” and “graded unclothed screening” should be used with discretion before resorting to the ultimate, a complete strip search.

Also, there is a message for parents. A complete strip search (forced) shall leave a scar on the child for a long time. Therefore, if the parents opt for security gates, they should instruct kids to pass through gates wearing minimal clothing, preferably, “only briefs or panties on (stripped to waist)”.

The “Integrated-Unclothed Screening (IUC)”, with the child properly prepared, might be a better option (as it is, also, saving the child from Electromagnetic Fields and X Rays, at the same time decreasing the time of check in).

85% of parents indicated that their kids are screened by IUC at the airport.

57% indicated that they would choose IUC, if given a choice.



Posted by Sylveef on 2008-10-20 14:52:29

Dear All,

I have re-launched the following poll:

Attire and Health Surveillance for School-Going Kids


Please vote and leave comments.

Syveef sylvee@live.com