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Guys with Shaved Legs: Good or Bad

I've done it for years-

Posted by Scott Thomas on 2005-08-12 20:54:57

I'm a teen guy and I shave my face (of course) and everything from there down. It gives my muscles more definition and I just like the feel of it.

Posted by AG on 2005-11-15 12:00:09

I have shaved my legs since the agae of 14 and try to shave daily. Love the look and feeling of freshly shaved legs

Posted by mikey713 on 2006-05-11 07:02:16

I shaved my legs for the first time 2 days ago. I really like it but I don't think I am going to keep shaving them. People would think I was weird.

Posted by trellus on 2006-11-24 17:21:29

It's not as a big deal as you think it is -- but if it makes you uncomfortable enough to quit, by all means. :) I've found that the majority of people who comment on it at all usually say something neutral or positive. As far as what people THINK -- well, I'm sure some people think it's weird, but I don't care as I like how it feels and looks on me. :)

Posted by espoir66 on 2008-02-15 21:56:23

For me there exists a love-hate story about leg shaving. When I was 17-18, I felt a crave for shaving my legs like my elder sister,but I was afraid of doing it because I could be the target of my siblings and mates' sarcasms or catcalls. When later, I was living on my own, I decided to wear my favourite denim short shorts and to shave completely my arms and my legs. Wow! the feeling I got from it. First, it looked weird, but then I was elated at looking at my white, well shaped and hairless legs. I was so thrilled and aroused that shaving my legs was always a must during the summer time. I don't mind the negative comments, the smirky or lustful looks that I still get. It looks great on me and I enjoy flaunting in the sun and in the wind my comely and smoothy legs and thighs. As far as I know, I am neither a wuss nor a fagott.