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Global Warming

what do you mean?

Posted by Tyson...... of Australia!! on 2005-08-17 13:35:02

I am for global warming in the sense that i agree with the scientific argument that it is a real phenomenon, but I am against it in that I do not support measures that may exacerbate the situation.

Posted by Big Beef (big papa smurf) on 2006-01-21 21:15:49

Have you ever thought that this global warming might actually be caused by the sun. The sun does go through a cicle. And from time to time it expands and shrinks by a fraction. This would have a big effect on our planet including a rise in global climit.

Posted by ajt on 2006-07-10 19:34:25

global warming is not caused by the sun, its caused by gasses being released in to the air. thats proven fact. you can say its not caused by people (but it probable is) however it has nothing to do with the sun. besides the earth is 10,000 miles (or somthing like that) closer to the sun in the winter than the summer so that small fraction doesn't really matter.

Posted by -Joe on 2007-01-22 03:09:46

Yes, the sun does go through cycles. However, this is not the cause of global warming. When the suns rays hit earth, some are reflected back into space. However, with the atmosphere's CO2 levels rising, it is becoming increasingly difficult for said rays to do this. I would recommend watching (just once) "An Inconvenient Truth." If you still disagree with global warming, that's fine. But, it would be best to make an educated decision.

Posted by LiL-Daisy on 2007-02-04 16:18:59

Where is the scientific prove? Yes, there are observations of both increasing in CO2 and global temperature, but there are no correlation between them (no one able to prove it yet!) Let me tell you one thing, the R&D is a huge industry, in both private sector or public (academic institution). If everyone belive that global warming is a human caused issue, then a LOT of money will pour into R&D. Could it be the cause why all the scientists want us to belive that we contribute to global warming? So that they can recieve BILLIONS of dollar in federal funding for research?