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Destroying or tearing up paper documents. Tear up or shred?

Tearing up things

Posted by Sarah1975 on 2005-09-27 01:49:45

I love tearing things up. Anything going in my bin will get ripped to the smallest possible pieces in record time. I can tear up a sheet of A4 paper in half 8 times in less than 6 seconds. A guy at work timed me and nicknamed me the "human shredder" !

That's 96 pieces (the way I do it) and faster than a shredder, though I would of course struggle with volume shredding because my fingers would get tired and sore. But with up to 10 sheets, I think I'm just as efficient as the machine.

I am a woman, and I'd agree that more womnen tear things up. I think it's because we are more conscientious though I would say I enjoy doing it too as it makes me feel a bit powerful and in control.

I'd be interested to hear from any other men or women who have similar habits and why.

Posted by Djramon on 2005-12-20 13:29:57

Well I enjoy seeing other people tearing up things. What is your opinion about children ? do you think children ,for example aged 6 or 7 tear up their old or maybe their friend's things ?

Posted by wiebenik1957 on 2006-08-20 00:39:47

hi sarah, when reading your message i meet many similarities according to my feelings while talking about tearing up paper. however there are 2 differences. 1. i'm a man. 2. i like even more to watch different people tearing up paper. i love it! pity there are so few reactions. are we the only ones in this world having this habit? greet you with the nice sound of tearing paper.

Posted by wiebenik1957 on 2006-08-20 00:46:56

hi djramon, as you can see i like to tear up paper, but (like you) i enjoy even more to watch other people doing it. it really could turn me on. are you frequently tearing up paper yourself and do you make small pieces?? further to your questions about children aged 6/7 years old. if they are already tearing up old things, i think they are tearing up old things of their own and their friend's things together with their friends. i myself started tearing up things purpously as from the age of 10 years. how about you?

Posted by wiebenik1957 on 2006-08-20 09:35:32

sarah, could you tell me why you made this poll? did you make the other poll about tearing, clothes and sex relation as well?