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Destroying or tearing up paper documents. Tear up or shred?

tearing up paper

Posted by wiebenik1957 on 2006-09-11 11:10:28

At primary school I had a friend who always was tearing up paper before binning it. He is an Asian with very elegant small hands and long nails. Watching his female hands tearing up paper (I always was attracted to good looking hands) was my first inspiration for getting interested in tearing paper myself, but especially watching it done by otherone's. Sometimes I'm asking people why they are tearing paper (that's why I like both polls on this theme in mr. Poll). When I meet people who I want to see their hands tearing up paper I just try to find a reason. Usually I'm succeeding. After that I always try to start some discussion about the why's, the do's and don'ts etc. Many times I found and find out that people do it for the fun of it, because they like to destroy or like the sound etc. It's a pity that no more people are filling out these polls. May be this is caused by the fact that it's not so easily to be found...... So we should try to draw people's interest to talk about tearing up paper and to ask them to fill out the polls.

Posted by bebert on 2007-03-02 17:32:20

Hello,wiebenik I like to tear up paper because I like to hear the sound of the paper when you tear it up,the number of pieces you do,it depends how you tear a sheet of paper by the length or the width,sometimes I tear it up in vertical or in horizontal,I feel a pleasure to tear a sheet of paper, an old book,magazine or catalogue,my hands feel this pleasure so if I have old things,I'll tear them up with a pleasure and after I put the pieces in a plastic bag,for example it's incredible to see a thick magazine or an other thing into little pieces

Posted by bebert on 2007-03-04 13:51:20

Hello, I can tear all kinds of paper up because it's easily to see how the paper is made of,the sound of the paper is caractical when you tear it up,the more you tear paper up,it takes less place in your bin than to throw it away

Posted by bebert on 2007-03-04 15:06:20

Hello, When I was at secondary school,I was sitting besides 2 girls,they have a habit to tear up paper during the lessons of the teacher,so I watch them tearing up paper so I do after that,so I tear up paper too

Posted by bebert on 2007-03-05 17:23:38

to tear up paper

Now I usually tear up paper which is written or printed,or stained with ink because I don't want to waste white paper.I remember when I have developped black and white photos,I have seen my friends who have developped black and white photos and if the photos are bad,my friends tear the bad photos up.