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Posted by Drago11 on 2005-08-12 22:20:47

Call me a perv (cuz I am, in part), but I have always thought it somewhat unfair that no one except school officials and cops care if we show our male genitalia, but usually all you see of women outside of sex ed sites; internet, magazine, or video porn; and x, xx, or xxx rated flicks are what's on top or what's in the back, never the front door. I mean, I have known that girls are different since a young age, in my preschool unisex bathroom. It had no stalls, it was just a row of five or six toilets that everyone used at the same time. The girls didn't care, and no one else seemed to either, but I haven't seen anything since then. Even the Greek or Roman statues don't have anything on the nude women, whereas the men have the full package deal. It's the same most public places I've seen these things, and I've never understood it. We all know they have them, so what's the point of hiding them any more than we hide our correspondant. You know what I mean?

Posted by Qreeus on 2005-08-13 08:09:53

I created this poll, I am actually a woman and I am actually writing about such issues now. Your observations are very keen especially in regard to the statues, something most people do not think about. See, people often go on about patriarchy but the reality is that patriarchy served as a protectorate for the female sex and the view was that women were "vulnerable" so the vagina was always covered up. As society shifted from patriarchy to the current feminist struggles, feminists gladly accepted the privilege afforded women during patriarchal times. I personally think it is time for body equality and that either men, and boys, need to be covered up and their bodies granted the same respect, or women and girls need to be exposed more so that we have a more equal body politic.

Posted by Skyfox on 2005-08-14 00:23:27

In regards to gender equality, the first step, and a very important step, is to get rid of laws that criminalize exposure the female breast/nipples, while men can go completely topless without any harassment. A news article I read recently described a man and woman both walking down a sidewalk together, both topless; the police showed up and arrested the woman, but paid no attention to the male. I don't know why the feminists, or all women for that matter, don't rise up in revolt of such laws and all refuse to cover their breasts. Enough pressure on the lawmakers would change the law so women are treated the same as men. Instead those same feminists work to uphold those laws, and they're only maintaining their own oppression. Another good step would be for female breasts/toplessness to be treated the same as males in the media, movies, and TV. It makes headlines (and usually causes some level of public shock/outrage) when a woman has a topless scene in a movie (ie. Jane Seymour in her recent movie), but men have to get totally nude for that to make any kind of headline or generate any kind of public shock.

Posted by kindafreaky66 on 2005-08-19 19:31:57

I am all for exposure - however, I worry about the effects of young girls/ women showing more skin. There are a lot of freaks out there that would try to manipulate them and take advantage of the easy access.

Posted by schmooglie on 2005-08-20 04:51:08

You said that feminists are working to uphold the laws that restrict us of our freedom. Well, I understand where you're coming from, however I am somewhat of a feminist and the reason toplessness $%!@es us off is that it attracts men. Why should all the media degrade women by showing their breasts while men don't show their genitalia? You see, breasts turn men on and how does a vagina turn a guy on I don't know. Whatever, point it that its entirely fair that women's toplessness in movies is equal to men's genitals. It's about the same equivalent.