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Repeal the minimum wage law?


Posted by chucksmom on 2005-08-13 00:01:15

So... Somehow or other, people making LESS money is going to eradicate poverty.

Why hasn't pollster signed up to work in India, China, Mexico or the Phillipines?

Business is booming, jobs are plentiful, and oh, wait ...Poverty is endemic (as is disease, famine, and illiteracy).

Your theories don't quite add up to the Beaver/Cleaver American household do they?

Posted by Tom99 on 2005-08-14 02:13:23

You're a first class moron. The new capitalism in China, for example, is pulling that country out of poverty and creating a large middle class for the first time in 5000 years. You don't have a clue of what your talking about.

Posted by chucksmom on 2005-08-22 03:02:43

Sure, believe the Mexico example, somebody's making some money in China, so nobody's poor anymore.

The vast majority of people AREN'T....but I guess you believe the Chinese government propaganda, with the shiny happy future pictures on TV.

You're the stupid one.

Posted by murph04 on 2005-08-25 04:50:25

Let the individual states decide on minimum wage laws? In the state of Pennsylvania it is still at the same rate as the federal level. But just about every business, even small business, are paying a dollar or more than the minimum wage for entry level positions. They still have trouble finding help because many young kids think they should get the big bucks even with no job experience. For people who are older and bitch about their pay at entry level jobs, there are plenty of government job training programs to help them get the training they need for higher paying skilled jobs.

Posted by boterfofy on 2005-08-27 14:39:03

This is not as stupid as you might think. There is a direct correlation between inflation and raising the minimum wage, its simple economics. The higher the wages go the higher prices go. I don't think we should repeal it, though. I do think we need a minimum to keep us from becoming like China or Mexico, nobody wants that to happen, but raising it to $10 or $15 although it sounds good, would not help anyone. It would only cause massive inflation. If we raise the minimum to $15 people making minimum wage would have the same purchasing power as they do now making $5.15 and hour, because the prices will quickly adjust themselves accordingly. Historically, the market adjusts itself very quickly. Take a look at the 70's; Minimum wage more than tripled, and inflation more than tripled in just that one decade. I don't think anyone wants a repeat of the 70's.

As for letting the states decide, they already can, within some limits. They can set the state minimum as high as they want, as long as its above the national minimum. I believe a few cities (ie New York) have already done this, but I am not sure.