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When Did You First Hear of 9/11?

Saw the 2nd plane on live tv

Posted by seems2me on 2005-07-19 22:12:41

Was at work, heard about it before the 2nd plane hit. I still cannot believe they did not evacuate the other tower immediatly.

I heard on the radio the other day that "they" believe suitcase nukes are already in this country, and the reason nothing else has happened is because obl wants the next attack to be even more "spectacular" as they put it.

Sorry to go off topic, but if a mushroom cloud goes up in America we need to TAKE THEM OUT! ALL OF "THEM!" These terrorists are nothing but sick, brainwashed $%!@. ( If you think they do not want to do this you obviously have your head up your $%!@.)

It is sad that this information is not the top story on the news! We need to wake up.

Posted by Free Your Mind on 2005-08-24 20:49:05

Okay, brainiac...

...how do you propose to "take them out"? Those who are now members of terrorist organizations are mostly mixed in civilian populations in dozens of countries...are you prepared to nuke hundreds of millions of people to get a few planners?

It's cretins who think (read: scratch their testicles) like you who commit these atrocities...perhaps you should be "taken out" whenever one of you opens your excrement hole, er, mouth. This world would be a vastly better place.

Posted by U S A on 2009-05-18 13:47:13

Fast forward four years.

We the people thank President Bush for TAKING THEM OUT.

The leftists are not happy.

Obowma wants to let them in VIA shutting down Gitmo.

“ I will stand with them should the political winds of war shift in an ugly direction ”—bàŕâçk ೫ಲšš¡êಗ öbámà