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teen girls beat up older men


Posted by Dazz on 2006-05-18 06:20:08

Hi, I'm a male 39 years old now I have been beaten up many times by girls of all ages. I'm slim and not a fiighter so I guess girls see this and decide to beat me up for fun, from my school days to the present but it seems to happen more now as i believe the girls now get some sense of power for beating men up. I don't really know the ages of the girls but i guess some are still in school it is hard to tell now as they look so old

Posted by tomtomtom on 2008-10-25 08:01:17

I too have been beaten in wrestling by girls of all ages. It's not because I'm weak, or I let them, I just enjoy the combat and so do they apparently. My buddy's 17 year old daughter loves to wrestle and she totally dominates me. Headscissors, body scissors, schoolgirl pins, she knows so many holds and uses them all. She knows she can crush me at will, and taunts me by asking me what's the matter, can't you even beat a little girl ? There is no escape when her legs lock around my head. I just submit and beg for mercy.