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teen girls beat up older men

My first time

Posted by Dazz on 2006-05-18 06:24:19

Hi, i do believe that you beat up this guy as i know I have been beaten up many times by girls like you. I'm 39, slim and quiet does this make me a target for girls like yourself? Maybe you have even beaten me up all i know is girls dressed like you have beaten me and made me cry, but thats how it goes sometimes

Posted by Dazz on 2006-05-19 06:39:45

Hi, maybe you are one of the girls who has beaten me up! i'm now 39 but from your description yoou could well have beaten me, i don't know how to find out for sure but i do no i am frightend of you for what you did to me

Posted by pepper67 on 2006-07-01 16:37:44

Courtney Z strikes again

Hey it's me again, this is the longest I went without a beating, 4 months but it finally came to a end. Courtney has a bunch of cats locked up in a garage with no fresh air, and they keep breeding, well it has left a awful odor, so I decided to take a chance and I called the ASCP, and they came and took all the cats away, Courtney's mom had to pay a $6000 fine. At first I thought Courtney didn't know who called, well last week, I had to walked passed their garage when I heard COURTNEY Z screaming for help. I made the mistake of jumping over the fence to see if she needed help. So I ran to the woods where the screaming was, but I didn't see anything, then I heard a scary sound, it sounded like somebody behind me, hitting their fist, so I slowly turned around.

Just like I feared there was 5'5 ft Courtney standing there in her shirt and green color shorts, punching her fist in her hand. "George I know it was you that called to have my cats taken away, wasn't" I just gulped and said " Yes it was. Courtney I am sorry but that's cruelity to animals" "Well George your going pay for this" I got on my knees and beg her please no more beatings. But she got that crazy look on her eyes. "George I'll make a deal with you, if you can get out of these woods and then over my fence, I'll will not kicked your $%!@, I will even give you a head start since I'm a track star" So I started running, I made it out of the woods and I seen freedom over the fence. I was just about to clime over the fence, when I felt a sharp tug on my shirt, next thing I knew I was laying on my back with Courtney standing over me. " Aw George, you never made it, now I'm going teach you stay out of my bussiness, I got 4 months of beatings to give you? The first thing she did was sit on my face, smoldering me, then she got up, I trying getting up and I was on my hand and knees when she sat on me, putting my head between her legs and squeezing tight, then she kiced me in the face, hitting me, finally she made me kiss her $%!@ and her feet, then told me lets go to her room and make out, then she let me go home, I really enjoyed that.

Posted by pepper67 on 2006-11-19 06:42:55

Does anyone know who Courtney Z is? I have had a lot of beatings since then, even after she turned 17. She loves squeezing my head between her sexy legs, always kicks my $%!@ then I kiss her $%!@. I'm falling in love with her. She lovess to dig her nails in to my back. Then smother me till I say no more. I got my $%!@ kicked my a 17 year girl who's only 5ft 5 and 115 pds. I know wait for the next beating.

Posted by hello-69 on 2006-12-08 13:58:47

how big are you compared to courtney? i bet she could beat me