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teen girls beat up older men

My first time

Posted by Eric (Butterbean) Esch #1 fan on 2005-08-20 06:46:03

Pepper67,whoever you are you are one sick individual to set at your computer and dream up all this nonsense.I suggest you see the nearest psycologist and then admit yourself to the mental hospital as soon as possible.I am serious, this should be against the law.There are kids reading this smut.I am not even wasting any more of my time typing this you piece of garbage.

Posted by pepper67 on 2005-09-10 06:52:35
I'm back from my exile, Courtney just done it again, gave me a beating. The high school football team just got beat 49 to 2 so they blamed the cheerleaders for the lost saying they didn't show any spirt so all the cheerleaders were mad about this and wanted blow off steam so Courtney and 11 of the cheerleaders came over to her house, she then came knocking on my door and when I answered the door, she grabbed me by the shirt and ordered me to go to her backyard where all the cheerleaders were waiting, Courtney and the 11 other cheerleaders were all still wearing there uniforms. Courtney told me the football team got beat bad and the cheerleaders were the blame. They could get back at the football team for these comments so Courtney told them about me, her punching bag so they were going take everything on me.

All the cheerleaders surrounded me, I couldn't run if I wanted to so I was trapped, Courtney drooped kicked me first in the face, and was kicking me when I was on the ground then she jummed on top of me and smother me till I almost blacked out then the rest of cheerleaders ganged up on me. They hit me, kicked me, made me smell their pompoms. For 30 mins these 15, 16,and 17 year cheerleaders beat me up, each one putting my head between there legs and squeezing. I was forced to get on all 4 like a dog and they rode me. They made me sniff there sweaty cheerleader skirts as they wore them. Courtney was the meanest of all. She screamed that I was her bitch. I was forced to kiss there feet and then after it was over, I was forced to my knees and had to kiss Courtney's $%!@ first and then kissed all of the Lincoln high school Cheerleader's $%!@. Then Court made me beg for mercy After my beating, I was laying on the ground waiting for my command to get up. Courtney sat on my face with her $%!@ and smother me with it. The girls calm down and allowed me to sleep on the foor in Courtney bed while they sleep on the queen size bed. I sneaked out when theu were all sleeping and ran to my house, locked the door and hit in the closet till monday morning. I decided to move far away from here. I did enjoy that.

Posted by pepper67 on 2005-10-15 04:53:29

Courtney just turn 16 and she still the same, likes beating me up, she was mad that the football team lost so she came to the house and knock on the door, I answer it, she was crying that the team lost again, I feel bad for her like a fool, she wanted me to come with her to the woods so I went with her. She was still wearing her cheerleader's uniform, once we got to the woods, her mood change and she begin screaming at me, she kick me between the legs and I feel to the ground, and then she put my head between her legs and squeez till I passed out, then she woke me up and made me kiss her $%!@. After wards she made me rubbed her legs, then she tie me up and made me sit in her closet all night with her sweaty cheerleaders skirt on my head and her dirty socks in my mouth, then in the morning she woke me up and kicked my $%!@ and I kissed her $%!@,then she send me home, I loved it, this cancer victim has something good happen in his life.

Posted by i kicked Richies ass! on 2005-12-13 01:34:39

it can really happen! last year when i was 12 i got in a real fight w/ my sisters ex boyfriend! his name is Richie and he was 26! one day he came over to my house 2 see my sister and she wasnt home i was all alone he tried to kiss me so i kicked him in his nuts! he got up and tried to put me in a bear hug and i flipped him over he called 4 time out and i gave it to him! he than charged me and i dropped kicked him in his face! i couldnt believe he was soooo easy!!! i crushed his balls w/ my feet and i stomped on his face! i was soooo mad he got blood on my flip flop sandals! they were white too! the blood was all his! he started pleading for me to stop eventually i did! I even made him cry ha ha ha!!! afterwards i humiliated him i made him kiss my feet ha ha ha!!! when my sis got home she saw him on the ground kissing my feet and i told her what had happened and she dumped that perv! ha ha Richie U got ur A$$ kicked by a girl! i was only 12 & u were 26! p.s. if i see him again im gonna kick his butt again!

Posted by pepper67 on 2006-02-01 15:08:22

Courtney Z is back

It has been months since my last beating but I just got my first of of 2006. Yesterday a friend of mine came to visit me and as he was visting, Courtneys boyfriend jessie came to see her, jessie parked his car at the very end of the driveway and as my friend was ready to leave, I heard cussing outside so I went to look outside, my friend was cussing jessie out because he couldn't see the cars coming from the other side because jessie car was blocking the view and we have a shared driveway, jessie finally left and then my friend left, I see Courtney leave then with her mother, she was crying, she was going to the basketball game since she's a cheerleader. Courtney seen me laughting at her but she couldn't say or do anything because her mother was there, she just gave me a meean look. 6 hours later it was midnight as I was watching tv, somebody was knocking outside on my door, I went to see who it was(bad mistake) it was 16 year Courtney wearing her cheerleader uniform, she shoved me to the ground, walked in slammed the door, told me I was due for a beating and this would be my first beating in my own house, she then closed all the blinds in the house, locked the doors and told me I was going pay for my friend cussing her boyfriend out and laughting at her when she was crying. I told her it was late and she had school the next day and why was she wearing her cheerleader uniform in the cold weather? Courtney said I don't care if it's late and I love kicking your $%!@ while I wear my cheerleader outfit,it really makes me feel powerful. I started running but she threw her whole body on top of me, then she kick me in the face with those cheerleader sneakers, she told me to get on all 4 like a dog, then she got on top of me and put my head between her legs and started squeezing harder and harder and told me I was her bitch and she owned my $%!@, she then order me to kiss her $%!@ and kiss her feet. After she beat me up some more, she told me she was getting turned on and wanted to make out with me Courtney and me made out, and as she was ready to leave, she dropped kick me one more time, I fell backwards, she then smother me with her body, I almost blackout, finally it was over. She left and warned me to watched myself or she would kicked my $%!@ again, promises promises, I can't wait.