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teen girls beat up older men

My first time

Posted by Moe41 on 2005-07-24 17:28:17

So do you workout to stay in shape? you lose what you doont use. could you handle 6'2" 180 lbs?

Posted by pepper67 on 2005-07-29 04:58:13

I thought it couldn't happen especially to me, but recently it has. I'm 38, 160 pds and 6ft, and I got my $%!@ kicked by a 15 year cheerleader who happens to be my next door neighbor. On the day it happen, it was a average day. I waved at her mother as she left for work, it still being summer,the girl who's name is Courtney came out of the house wearing a sports bra and those shorts that have letters on the back. Courtney who's 5ft 4 and 105 pds but very athletic, she's a cheerleader, on high school swim team and a track star. Courtney came outside and sat on the porch eating a bowl cereal, she told me good morning Georgie Porgie, I said hi back as I starting mowing the lawn sneaking a peak at her, she looks so good. I finished the lawn, she went back into the house,came back outside with a can of beer and started drinking it. I told her "Courtney you shouldn't be drinking at your age" She said " shut up, your not my dad( her dad died 3 years ago) I do what I want when I want" I made the mistake of telling her " I'm going tell your mom later when she comes home" This mad her real mad, she cussed me out and went back in to the house, slamming the door. I had to go behind my house to cut some weeds when I heard flip flops coming behind me,I know it was Courtney, thinking she camed to begged me not to tell her mom,boy was I wrong especially after I heard her sweet voice which didn't sound mad. So I turned around and saw Courtney crying " George please don't tell my mom I was drinking,it was just one beer" I feel bad and sorry by then as I looked at her sad face. By then Courtney was face to face with me then she hugged me and said " George I beg of you, please don't tell my mom" I was always soft-hearted, so I told her " Courtney I'm sorry for telling that, I won't tell your mom" at that time Courtney had a evil smirk on her face as she pull away from her embrace to me and then she pearl harbor me but after she said those words " Damn right you won't" then kneed me in the groin, I fell to my knees then she kneed me again to the face and I fell to the ground, she then jumped on me putting my head betwwen her legs, she kicked my $%!@ in submission. She then told me " There's going be changes around here,from now your going do what I tell you, because your my bitch, understand" as she pull me by the hair. I told her " Ok Courtney your the boss, I'll do what you want" The first thing she did was make me get on my knees and kiss her $%!@. I loved being treated like that by her. It's her and mine secret, nobody knows in town. If anything else happens, I'LL post it here. I can't wait till my next $%!@ kicking by Courtney, so it can happen. one older man who got beat up by teen girl.

Posted by pepper67 on 2005-08-02 06:33:43

Today beating... Hi, it's me again with my latest beating report, I actually thought the beating I got was just a one time thing,I was wrong. I was sitting on my back porch when I see Courtney, she was happy because she just made the senior cheerleaders even thought she only 15. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform, and all-ready I was getting hot and hard. I told her that's great,I'M glad for you but like the dummy I am, I then said I said aren't you to young to be on the senior team? Courtney started screaming at me " Get of the porch" and come to the back yard" I said "I'm sorry Courtney, I didn't mean it" as I followed her to the back yard. She told me, "it's to late you need to be taught a lesson" she then told me stand about a few feet away from her as she started doing her cheerleader rountine, she told me to stand and not to move so I did and while standing, she cheerleader kicked me to the ground and as I laid on the ground trying to get up, she put her legs around my head and show me how strong her legs were. She finally let go after I told her I can't breath. Courtney beat me, kicked me, made me smell her pompoms and then kcked my $%!@ for about 20 mins. "George did you learn your lesson? "YES COURTNEY, I HAVE" Courtney made me Kiss her $%!@. She owns me,I'M her property, now I have to tell her, I want her to kick my $%!@, more after my next beating. I'M Courtney Z's Bitch.

Posted by pepper67 on 2005-08-05 06:28:39

I just recieved my third beating from Courtney. It was a real hot day today and Courtney was wearing a sports bra and these green color shorts. I seen courtney practicing driving since she wanted to get a driver's permit, she smash some garbage cans and trash went everywhere, I couldn't help it but I started laughting,this make courtney snap as she jumped out of the car and started screaming at me " You think that's Funny George" " no Courtney" She screamed even louder, "picked up that trash before my mom get home" I told her why should I, it was your trash can. Courtney started running towards me so I started running the other direction, but since she's on the high school track team, she caught up with me, threw her body and tackle me, then she open a can of whip $%!@ on me. Courtney pined me to ground and even thought she's shorter than me and weights less than me, I couldn't move. She was sitting on my stomach but moved her body up and my face was between her legs, as she started laughting " you start snifting my sweat as she sat on my face. She finally let me up, then pulling me by the shirt,pulling me all the way to her driveway, then kicked me in the $%!@ towards the trash and then made me picked up the trash. After I was done, she took down her shorts and made me kiss her $%!@ for 10 mins. I'm still Courtney's bitch and after each beating, her power over me grows.

Posted by pepper67 on 2005-08-10 07:12:29

My 4th beating from 15 year old Courtney Z, I hurt as I type this, I got bruises all over. Today Courtney made me mow her lawn, which I did, then after I was done, Courtney told me to go home, she was going take a nap, so she went in to her house and shut the door, I went back to my house, I quickly discover I lost my wallet, so I look all over and couldn't find it, then I looked out the window and see my wallet in Courtney yard, so I had to sneak over there. My wallet was lying right under Courtney window, I had to crawl on the ground because if Courtney seen me in her yard, without her permision, she would have kicked my $%!@, so I sneak behind her garage and started crawling on my stomach toward where my wallet was and just as I was ready to grap it, I seen a size 6 pair of sneakers step on my wallet, I gasp because I know those sneakers belong to Courtney, I slowly lifted my head and seen her sexy legs. "What do you think your doing here? Courtney screamed at me, I just talked real soft "I drop my wallet here when I mowed your lawn and I crawled here as to not to wake you up Courtney" ' Well you did George, you know what this means, don't you? I was scared and tearing as I said" another $%!@ kicking Courtney? ' YES another $%!@ kicking" Courtney started laughting, you know George I really begining to love kicking your $%!@, it gives me so much power to beat up a 38 year man. I was on my knees as she told me this. " George crawl there to the woods so I can beat your $%!@" I crawled 100 feet to the woods, as Courtney kicked me all the way. When we got to the woods, Courtney told me to stand up because she loved to kicked my $%!@ when I stood. Courtney then began my $%!@ whipping, for 20 mins she beat me up to a pulp, after this beating I was Courtney's bitch 100 %, I then gave her the $300 dollars in my wallet, I think I'm falling in love with her, after the beating she make me kiss her $%!@, I can't wait till my next $%!@ beating.