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Israeli conflict

the true history of conflict

Posted by slyew on 2006-03-02 02:11:19

Starting around 1200 BCE, a series of Jewish kingdoms and states existed intermittently in the region for over a millennium. Jewish presence in the province dwindled due to mass expulsions under Roman Rule of the area, named Judea but was later changed to Syria Palestina. The Arabs conquered the land from the Eastern Roman Empire in 638 CE. The area was ruled by various Arab states (interrupted by the rule of the Crusaders) before becoming part of the Ottoman Empire in 1517. While it is true that the Jews needed a place to seek refuge from the holocaust, it still does not give them the right to push thousands of arabs already settled there. It is with the utmost sorrow that i repent for the United States and other "neutral" nations did not act faster to protect against nazi agression, but it was also not right to force arabs to bear the burden. Aid must be given voluntarily. The isrealis claiming to have a divine right to the land after being exiled, and the arabs having conquered and held it for centuried from the Roman Empire both had claims to the land and thus the agression started on the parts of both sides. Seeing the violence the UN tried to ease the plight of the Jews by creating Israel as an official state forcing 726,000 arabs officially out of their homes and having Israel take it. the arbas of course were outraged at this and that is why the war of independence started...

Posted by Dr.Smart on 2006-03-02 06:02:40

They could have been given their state back after WWI. The Arabs were asked to stay, not forced away. No one Arab group held the land since the Romans. Oh and I assume the 900000 Jews forced from their homes from the conflict don's matter? Huh? How do you explain THAT? I'm sorry if the Palestinians got the short end because they sided with a bunch of morons, but that dosn't mean they were the only ones runnng away. Yes, there were scared Jews who forced Palestinians away, especially those who fought agaist Israel. But Jews were expelled from all surrounding lands. They had somewhere to go, the Palestinians didn't. Big whoop. If their Arab "friends" let them be citizens the problem would be a lot calmer and probably settled, seeing as Israel will let a Palestine exist as soon as there is peace.

Posted by Cragslad on 2006-03-06 23:54:13

When the 1947 UN partition plan was offered, Jews were a minority in the area, and owned something like 6% of the land. Even the proposed Jewish state was majority Arab. And of course, historically it had been so for quite a while. By what rights would it have been made into a Jewish state?

Posted by Dr.Smart on 2006-03-10 03:26:05

The majority of people in the Jewish state were Jewish, and it had a larger population. They were minority in the Arab and international zones.

Posted by Cragslad on 2006-03-10 19:12:18

You are right, I stand corrected. I was thinking of the whole Mandate of Palestine area when I said that. The Jews were 60% in the Jewish state.