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Israeli conflict

israeli is the main problem.

Posted by katharine on 2006-07-02 20:43:30

arabs have been living there for two thousand years, and are descendants of the caanites. palestinians are all related to their neighbors, jordanians, lebanese, and syrians. plus jewish is a religious group, and not an ethnicity. you people want to tell me that jews from europe,africa,asia,south america, north america, and australia are all related and all lived there? you must be joking, they all look different, blond hair, balck, middle eastern, and could not have all lived in that small land. don't give me that nonsense, i do not care what the bible says, it's nonsense. for those you say that palestinians do not deserve that land. well they do for they look like their neighbors.palestinians have to get their land back, at whatever cost.

Posted by Dr.Smart on 2006-07-05 03:46:20

No, its people like you who are to problem. People who say "whatever the cost". People without compromise. People without understanding and without thought and evaluation. So what if the Jews are multi-racial? Why is that a bad thing? I am not saying they all came from there. Also, why do the Palestinians have such a strong right to the land? Did not the French come from Europe? Why don't they own it all?

Posted by dave3 on 2006-07-29 09:40:53

Actually,Arabs are not descendants of the Canaanites,or anyone else history knows of specifically;they've existed since recorded time,--some nomadic,some living in tribal communities.They fought wars with the ancient non-arab Egyptians(King Tut's people, and the ancestors of today's Copts);Arabs were known as merchants in the ancient world,and often worked as mercenaries.Anything else is just Nation of Islam crap--like those racist yaw-weh nuts.The reason so many people in the nations mentioned are Arabs ,is because in the 7th century,Arabia got Islam and they set out to conquer the world...including Palestine.In fact,there were jews and Christians in Arabia before Islam,which is how Mohommad,who wasn't a world-traveler(at least physically)was influenced to create his religion. The Jews are most definately an ethnicity--most Jews' bloodlines extend back to ancient Judah(Judea),from where they get their name.The ancient Israelites-who shared the same religion-were destroyed by Assyria,long before.This stuff is history,accepted by scholars and scientists.Nevermind the religious interpretation;It's not a matter of reading the bible--it's a matter of reading...period.Also,the Jews rarely sought converts,and as their enemies are fond of pointing out-kept mostly to themselves,as they moved around.Most people didn't mind.Why can Arabs in forty countries descend from ancient Arabia,and not Jews from Judea?