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charity fundraising

Any suggestions

Posted by MPC3514283217 on 2005-03-22 17:20:07

Please post suggestions on how to improve this poll...

Posted by Kandou on 2005-03-29 21:47:05

With the slave auction dress up question, you probably should elaberate on how people would dress there slaves up. Also ask if people would be willing to do each of the things in the what would you make the slave do poll, like you did with the gunge tank.

Not a bad start for a poll, though :)

Posted by Tomari on 2005-04-23 00:20:02

senior slave

at school we have senior slave day when the seniors get sold to the highest bidder for one day where we have to do whatever they want i was bought by one of my female friends she told me to come to school extra early. the next day she came up to me brought me into the girl's bathroom put my head under the sink and put a chemical in it and then put a shower cap over it she had a bag of three outfits which i tried on. finally she chose the one she liked best a pink tank-top and lower thigh miniskirt. as i started to put on the skirt she gave me a pair of pink satin panties and a padded bra. i got dressed and she put some makeup on my face and gave me some high heeled sandals and painted my nails finally she took off the shower cap and my shoulder length brown hair was platinum blond she styled it and told me to come to the home-ec class during study hall with her i went through my classes with some of the other seniors also dressed in strange ways, at study hall i went to home-ec with her and she told me that they had been working on dresses and their was 2 mannequins to go around and she never got their early enough to get to use one for her dress so i would model it. it was a cute red satin mini-dress it took about 2 hours to finish it we had to stay after school she got a B- on it and she could bring it home she let me wear it to her house we took the activity bus and their we had fun dressing me up in different oufits its a fun game we do now and then