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(WOMEN ONLY)Did you teach your daughter to smoke cigarettes?

mothers who teach there daughters to smoke

Posted by mattsmith on 2012-07-04 07:15:42

Good for you Proudmom. There is something special about a mother helping her daughter to start smoking. You daughter obviously loves cigarettes and in assisting her you have taken away the need for her to hide it from you and sneak around. It will be easier for her when her friends start smoking. There will be many antis on here but for me you did the right thing.

Posted by jenna3 on 2012-08-05 19:55:08

i caught my daughter smoking in the sixth grade and wanted to teach her a lesson but it backfired. i had her smoke a almost whole pack she got sick and very dizzy. the next day i offered her a cigarette and she said yes. shes now a senior and we both smoke together . i figured if she got sick she would stop. she now smokes two packs a day about the same as me.

Posted by Andreaj on 2012-08-11 21:15:33

Hi Proud Mom, Andrea here i am a 25 year old single mom with two lovely kids. My oldest kid is Annabell who is 9 years old and she started smoking like half a year ago with my approval, i myself started at the age of 10 so i thought that she was old enough to start aswell. She was the one that approached me about it and i helped her get started with it assuring she was doing it right. She is now smoking half a pack a day of Marlboro Gold 100's (same as me) and enjoying it very much. We have had many good times smoking together after dinner,at breakfast and the occational cigarette when we are out eating on resturants.

Now comes the dillema here my youngest daughter Amy which is 5 and a half asked Annabell if she could have a cigarette from her since she wanted to start smoking aswell. She had seen how much Annabell and me enjoyed it and wanted a taste of the goods aswell. But as i had told Annabell she was not to give cigarettes to Amy without my approval. Annabell aproached me and told me this, and we sat down with Amy to discuss it. I gave Amy a cigarette and told her she could try one and guided her through it. She seemed to be enjoying it quite much. But i told her i would get back to her if she was allowed to start smoking with the rest of us. It would be nice with all the three of us smoking together, but im just concerned it might be abit too early for her to start smoking just yet.

I have allready made arrangements with Annabell's school so that she is able to smoke in the school time. And if i decide that Amy is mature enough to start smoking aswell i will make sure that her kindergarden will allow for her to smoke during the day there aswell

So basically i am just wondering how the smoking has worked out for Lisa over the years, and if i should actually allow Amy to start smoking aswell. An answer would be much appreciated.

Posted by Wabba12345 on 2013-01-20 21:33:46

I totally agree with this! I am 11 years old ad I smoke! I can't wait to have a child and teach them to smoke it will be so good and I will let them smoke from the age of 4!

Posted by mslaurie on 2014-06-21 22:59:29

Thats Neat Andrea, I like you have let my g-daughter start smoking at 7yo her mom and me are both smokers so we figured if she chooses to try we should let her. As far as you Annabell thats awesome that she has someone like you to enjoy her cigs with at times and great that u let her smoke. As far as you little one wow 5 1/2 thats a lil tricky, even idk if i would let her start that young, although if you really think shes ready then i would say why not. Although diffrent which i like about that it could also be quite intresting, now if her kindergarten even allows it, where we live they dont allow smoking in school, then you already are one up on your decision. Again its so awesome you let your 9yo smoke, I know she must enjoy it, as does my 7yo.