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Acceptable Nudity for Children on the Beach

Am I too old?

Posted by stike_monkey on 2005-04-09 20:02:35

Hey, I'm a 13 year old boy from Australia. I go to the beach a few times a year minimum, and I've always gone nude. I'm not sure why, but my parents never made me wear any swimming gear at all. I just never really thought of it. I've grown up swimming nude, and it just doesn't feel right swimming when I'm wearing anything at all. It's kind of like everying showers. Why wear clothes when all they do is get in the way? It's so much easier not to wear anything.

Me and my family went on holidays to the coast last week. I went down to the beach one morning at about 7am, and spent most of the day there, bodysurfing. At about 1pm, a group of older boys who would have been about 17 came over and told me to "put some pants on already". I was really offended. People sometimes stare at me when I swim naked, especially when I'm the only one in sight, but nobody has actually ever told me to change.

I didn't put any clothes on, and I'm glad I didn't. Should I have? Is there an age where I'm going to have to start wearing clothes at the beach?

Posted by dippinskinny on 2005-04-15 08:04:16

I don't know about the laws where you live as to when otr if, you must wear clothes. But here in the US, there are limited places where you can go nude on beaches and not risk legal trouble. But there are other places, too, which you can' tofficially go nude but it is tolerated.

It sound very nice to never have worn clothes to swim before.

I say, keep it up.

Posted by dippinskinny on 2005-04-15 08:06:20

I personally think everyone should be able to swim nude any time, anywhere, it's such a natural thing.

Posted by Lea1 on 2005-06-16 16:10:48

No you are not to old. I think boys should be able to go nude all the time.My 4 boys are nude they don't like cloths.My 2 girls go just with pantys on I don't what sand getting in where it don't belong to cause them trouble down there.Are you circumcise my boys aren't so when they are done at the beach I check under there foreskin and cleait to make sure there no sand under it. My 2 oldest still lets me check them to after they clean up jut to make sure they didn't miss.My boys are 14,11,8 and 6 my girls are 12,10.At home they are all nude were not nudist but i think we might check into it so the law doesn't bust me on the beach for letting them go nude.I have had other moms talk to me about there nudity I just say that the way they like to go.Next thing I know her kids are nude lot of moms are letting there kids go nude now.Great site to watch there boys from 1 to 15 walking around nude.Lots of moms have thank me for it.They said they haven't seen there boys nude for years now they can see how they have grown up.Some of there sons are just starting pubity and now mom can enjoy it with there sons. Thanks Lea1

Posted by dippinskinny on 2005-06-26 06:02:21

That's a lovely story, where do you live?